LUSH – My Christmas Purchase Review

Hello friendies! I know it’s been quite a while since I last posted! Can you believe it’s February already?! I know I can’t! February is the month of Valentines day too… I’m a little bit worried, it’s less than a week away and I need to get my boyfriend’s gift sorted too! (Maybe post a few ideas to help a sister out?)

But anyway, I am not posting today because of valentines day, I’m posting about the lil haul that I did back in December… no wait, it was January. If you don’t recall, it took my delivery over 3 weeks to arrive (3-5 days my arse!) But, I was willing to forgive! So, let’s remind ourselves what i got!


I know I have previously done a wee quick review on this, but after using them each (apart from the bubble bath obviously) for about a month, I think i have a more formed review!

So, I’ll talk to you about the lil penguin bubble bath thingy first!

I have never been so soft in my life. I felt amazing until my next wash! Skin has never been softer! Even my boyfriend noticed! I was very pleased with this and I will purchase again – yenno, when the price goes down a bit, I mean, I’m not going to spend like £3 for one bath..!

The exfoliator is difficult to use in my opinion, but once you find a way that suits you I think very highly of it! I use this about once or twice a week on my legs and it gets rid of any kind of flaky/dead skin! Makes yo legs nice and saft!

The shampoos are ok… I think honestly, I prefer my £1 argan oil shampoo from savers though… I just find that I don’t feel as though my hair is properly washed when using this. Also, the one with the wheat smells really bad!!

Lastly is the lipscrub. It’s ok I guess. I used this when I had very dry lips and it did help make them smoother! The taste is nice… I may try the other lipscrubs as I do hear much better reviews from them!

So all-in-all, not too bad LUSH, not too bad!

Now just for a wee chat with you!

Because Valentine’s day is coming up I think i might do some makeup ideas? I will probably be doing little gift ideas too!

Thanks for reading friendy!

Stephanie x


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