Maybelline – Great Lash


This one costs £4.99.

I automatically assumed it was going to be rubbish because maybelline mascaras are usually around the £8 mark but I am very very pleasantly surprised!

This has such a nice formula. I got the waterproof one, but it does come in normal as well. This is brilliant for holding my curl, lengthening my lashes AND giving me some volume too!

This is also one of the few mascaras that i’m ok with using on my lower lashes! I think this is perfect for whoever, but a must have for a teenager’s makeup bag!

(I have a few more reviews to be doing soon, so keep your eye out for my drugstore makeup haul!)

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Stephanie x


4 thoughts on “Maybelline – Great Lash

  1. Hey 🙂

    I’ve never tried this mascara before, however, I’m currently loving their One By One 🙂
    9Thanks for the review, but maybe next time you could include before and after pics? 🙂 just a suggestion..


    • Ooooh, i’ll have to have a look out for it! and yeah, I know i’ve been really rubbish with first-hand pictures recently, it’s mostly because my camera has been dodgy and keeps freezing anytime I try and upload them onto the computer if that makes sense? I will do my best to get it fixed and do my own photographs soon! 🙂 xx

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