Casual Chic Makeup Look

Hallo my makeup friendies! I was recently asked by a follower to include more 1st hand images of my products and what they look like on me etc. which got me more motivated to try and fix whatever the error my memory card was having with transferring images! All sorted now so hopefully more photos!

So I thought the first thing i’d do with my own photos would be a wee makeup look!

It’s a very simple eye look with some lovely dark lips! – A look that I have been loving lately! So, enough of this intro and on with the look!


Above are the majority of the products used to achieve the look. I think i’ll call it ‘casual chic’ (Just because I like titles, eh?)

So basically what you can see is 

eyeshadow by Paddy Mcgurgan in shade 439

Maybelline – ‘The Great Lash Mascara’

Maybelline – Colour Drama ‘Keep it classy’

NYC – Brow/eyeliner ‘925 Sable’

Makeup Gallery – Smoothly does it pressed powder  ‘Natural Beige 2’

Paddy Mcgurgan – Concealer ‘light 2’

**NOT in photo**

Rimmel London – Exaggerate full colour lip liner ‘057 Ravish’

The majority of these products are actually recently bought ones, but I will be doing a HUGE review at some point (soon) as I just bought like 60+ makeup brushes too!!

So, here is a wee finished picture of my eyes::


and of my lips::


I’d have one of my whole face but the camera was just going too blurry!

So basically, What did I do to get this look?

  • Firstly I moisturised – The most important step of every makeup look in my opinion!
  • Once the moisturser had set I got some of the very thick concealer and put it on my finger. I then put the product from my finger onto my wrist (This helps to warm the product up and make it much easier to apply). I then used my ring finger to apply this product under my eye as it is so light in colour and really brightens them up!
  • I then just stroked on some of the brown pencil onto the brows and then brushed the product in using a brow brush / spooli
  • Next I applied the pressed powder all over my face with a large fluffy brush. Make sure that you put some on your eyelids too to absorb any oils which will give the eyeliner a much smoother application and will help prevent any creasing throughout the day
  • After this I applied the eyeliner. It was just a very thin line ontop of my upper lashes and a small little flick at the outside of my eyes
  • Once semi-satisfied with my liner I then got a small fluffy brush to apply the neutral brown/purple/gray shadow to my crease. This helps to add some interest to the eyes. I really like adding a soft colour to my crease when wearing liner.
  • To finish off my lashes I curled them with my eyelash curler and coated them with 1 layer of the Maybelline mascara shown above! This is perfect for both length and volume!
  • Next I got my lip liner and lined my lips. Be sure to start from the inside and slowly go towards the corners of the lips. – It is just a much better way to prevent going over your natural lip line… unless that’s what you want!
  • Once happy with the shape of my lips I applied the lipstick by maybelline. I LOVE this colour and think it’s just the perfect nude. In this picture my lips look more bold than nude, but that’s simply because of the liner!

So I hope you enjoyed reading! Sorry about the fact that I don’t have a complete-face picture! Gotta work out the stupid camera! I think this look is perfect for every day and can be adapted to your preferences – like a nude lip would look good too, as would no lip products at all!

Hope to be posting again soon with a hugeee haul and it’s nearly the end of the month and I am sooooo doing monthly favourites every month this year, so look out for that one too!

Much love,

Stephanie x


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