February Favourites

February has been surprisingly long but it’s still crazy that tomorrow will be March! I looked through my makeup bag and what i’ve been particularly been loving this month. So here’s a wee post about my favourites!

IMG_5450 IMG_5449

Eye Products:

Maybelline The Great Lash Mascara: I love this. It gives me perfect length and volume and makes my lashes have such a lovely and natural! It’s not OTT with one or two layers, but it can give big exaggerated eyes too with a few layers!

Rimmel Scandal Eyes: This is sooo not over rated. I love this for having a wee smokey eye!

NYC brow pencil: I’ve found myself using this one for the mornings that I just want a quick filled-in brow. It takes like 2 seconds each brow and I kinda dash it into my brows.

Maybelline gel liner: After fixing this formula with the eye drops (I explain it in an earlier post) I’ve gone back to this favourite! It is so easy to apply, wears all day and is perfect for the tight line too!

Makeup Gallery: Smoothly does it pressed powder  ‘Natural Beige 2′ I use this for both my face and my eyelids! It is so perfect, takes away any oils on my face and just leaves it looking nice and natural too!

Face Products

Rimmel: Match Perfection I’ve been using this one almost every morning. It leaves such a flawless, but more importantly a, natural finish! Great base!

Makeup Gallery Blusher: This looks like very bright and kinda intimidating (to me anyway!)  but it does give a nice little tint to my cheeks!

Sleek Face Form kit: I’ve just been using the contour powder and the highlight in this one! They are both so beautiful when they’re dusted on… I like this! 🙂


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