Look of the day!

Hey there friends! So I know I said i’d be doing the second half of my lil haul… but I actually used my makeup today and I thought I may as well do a look of the day kinda thing! So, here goes!…

IMG_5522 IMG_5524 IMG_5521

Soooo!(I’m always a bit awkward posting selfies online haha)


To begin, I moisturised with my boots moisturiser (The one product I don’t have a picture of, typical!) and moisturised my lips with EOS lip balm (picture shown below) So I began, with the makeup, by swiping the Maybelline ‘fit me anti shine stick’ in ‘IVORY’. I then proceed with my flat top stippling/buffing brush (purchased online) until i’m happy with an even-coverage. I only use a stroke on my forehead, down my head and across my chin. This gives a light coverage! I really like this product! Next I use my concealer in ‘Light 2’ and dab it under my eyes. I then use my blusher brush (the top left brush) and dab it once into the bottom left blusher in my ‘Sugar and Spice’ blusher palette by Makeup Revolution. I then blend it into the apples of my cheeks,this needs blended in for about 30 secs or else you look like a clown because it’s reallllly pigmented! Once I’m no longer looking like a clown, I use my Eco-tools powder brush and dab it into the second powder from the left on top. I use this as a bronzer/contour and put it onto my cheek bones and the top of my forehead!


Next I applied the aqua primer onto my eyelids by using my ring finger and dabbing it on. I then used a flat eyeshadow brush to apply on the colour ‘pearl’ all over  my eyelids. I like this as a base as it is a nice soft colour. Once this has been done I used ‘bark’ on applied it to the outer 2/3s of my eye. I then used the last column of this palette to create a nice darky depthy kinda thing to my eyes. I used the second bottom shade, ‘charcoal’ on my outer ‘V’ and then dotted the darkest colour (bottom right) ‘carbon’ on the outer corner. This all got blended out using my MUA E3 blending brush. The palette used was the Makeup Revolution Flawless Matte eyeshadow palette.


I then carefully applied the Collection Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner onto my upper lash line and gave it a flick on the outer corner. I can’t go too close to my inner corner using this liner because my eyes water like crazy and smudge this one like mad! I used the colour ‘carbon’ in the makeup palette above on my lower lash line to make the look more smokey.


I then curled my lashes with my clinique lash curler, applied a coat of my Maybelline Mega plush mascara, The falsies mascara and then no.7 lovely lashes for glossy volume mascara.


I then wiped off any lip balm that hadn’t yet sunk into my lips and then I applied Collection’s Deluxe lipstick in ‘Tallulah’ onto my lips (Just one coat)


I finished off by applying my maybelline fit me powder in 125 nude beige all over my face using the real techniques powder brush.

ANNNNNNNNNND that’s it. I really like all of the products I used in this look and I 100% recommend each of them. (I’d say the 2 maybelline foundation products are the highlights though.)

So yeah! Hope you enjoyed reading!

Stephanie x


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