Favourites/ Hate its

Hi there beauties! So I tend to do big posts with lots of words and stuff, so I thought i’d do something that I don’t really do! For the next couple of weeks I plan on doing little posts of ‘Favourite/ Hate its’. In these posts I will be telling you about 1 product that is either a ‘favourite’ or a ‘hate it’. …Pretty self-explanatory if you ask me!

So today I have got a HATE IT. After I did my little beauty shopping spree, I have tried out a few of the products bought. I usually give products a good few tries before I either put it in my collection or just put it aside. This product however is very different. This product is one from a growing brand, MUA.

So let’s face it, MUA has been making more and more products to date due to its recent success. The majority of the products are £1 too, so it is certainly budget friendly! I have a love-hate relationship with this brand to be honest. I love a good few of their products and just can’t stand others. So on Saturday I went into Superdrug and picked up one of their new products, MUA, Luxe Whipped Velvet Lips in ‘Rococo‘.


This product has a doe-foot applicator, which I actually tend to prefer with lip products. The packaging is very sleek too, the black lid along with the nice font and clear tube so that you can see the product inside. So, that’s about all the positive aspects of this one. Now with the not so good.

  • Let’s start with the texture. It is slimy/ oily/ greasy.
  • The texture is grainy.
  • The smell is too vanilla-sweet for me.
  • The colour is pasty and very unnatural – not the ‘nude’ that I was hoping for.
  • You can’t achieve an even application as the texture is crap.
  • It will never stay on your lips in the hotter months – it will just melt down your chin!

So, I think that’s enough to say that i’m not impressed, MUA. The product claims ‘Sweep this luxurious Whipped Velvet over your lips for an ultra-soft and subtle pop of colour. This super smooth new formulation won’t dry out your lips ensuring you have the perfect pout at all times.’

How it Looked:


I was expecting a much better product and was quite disappointed. £3 down the drain, just glad I didn’t pick up more than one of these! It’s not just the colour that I was disappointed with, more so the awful feeling it leaves on my lips!

So, maybe after all these downs I’ll post a favourite next time! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading and if you liked it… well like this post and i’ll know to do more! Have you tried this product? What did you think of it…? Did I possibly just get a dud? Let me know!

Stephanie x


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