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Hallooo! I’ve found a new product which I really love! Pretty certain that this is actually a relatively new release too! ( In the UK anyway.) And this product isssss:

images (9)

Maybelline color drama lip pencils

COST: £4.99

For a fiver, I am impressed! This currently comes in 10 different shades, ranging from the perfect nude to the boldest red. I could quite easily buy all of the colours in this range. Maybelline have improved so much in recent years and I am just as happy buying their products as any high-end equivalent. This is highly pigmented, applies precisely and only a small amount is needed. The texture is not too dry but I ensured I had applied a lip balm underneath and then blotted it off to give it a good base, and if you feel it is too dry in texture, add your own gloss or balm over it to improve it. – I do this because for me it is a bit dry, but all matte lipsticks are, eh?

I have got this in 4 shades. I started with 2 and loved it so much that I just had to get a few more! I began with ‘Keep it Classy’ and ‘Berry much’. My camera needs charged, so I will have to use online swatches:

images (10)

download (25)

So I have keep it classy, berry much, nude perfection & red essential. Each one is perfect and I highly recommend!. These are almost like a stain and don’t smudge. Reaaaallly brilliant. 10/10 🙂

Stephanie x


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