Sisterhood of the world award

Good morning/afternoon/evening guys! I just got nominated by the lovely ashleylianne for the sisterhood of the world award! I think this is such a sweet idea/ award! Basically the idea is I got 10 questions for me to answer & when i’m finished I will ask 10 questions and tag/nominate a few bloggers that i’d like to answer them! So, let’s get on with it!

1 – Favourite author?

JK Rowling comes to mind instantly! I love her Harry Potter novels (I’m actually reading the half blood prince right now!) But, I have recently really started to enjoy the novels that Holly Smale has been writing! Louise Rennison is another favourite! I love girly books!
2 – Which song/artist did you listen to last?

Marroon 5 – Sugar
3 – Can you cook/bake? If so, what’s your ‘signature dish’?

I am an amazing baker ( If I do Say So Myself!!) I make the best cupcakes and cookies that you will ever eat! I can do nice brownies too! As for cooking I’d say i’m pretty average for an-almost-18-year-old!

4 – Where is your favourite place to socialise, why? (bar, coffee shop etc)

Honestly, there’s no place like home! I love home comforts! You can have tea/coffee whenever you want, you can have the tv on, you can listen to music etc etc etc. If not at either my home or my friend’s home, I do love costa!
5 – Who would you want to attend your dream dinner party?

Interesting question! I don’t really have any celebrities that I obsess over honestly? I’d say all the family members that I never had the chance to meet! I know that’s not the typical answer that the majority of people would say, but hey ho!
6 – Ideal holiday destination?

I love Lanzarote but I have always wanted to go to Canada/ America!
7 – Favourite YouTuber, why?

I love Essie Button! I just think she’s so down to earth and relatable!
8 – If you could only own 5 items for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Awhhh ‘items’ is too vague! you need the essentials like a knife and a fork, you need the communication like your laptop, your phone and for makeup mascara and foundation! (Yes I am this difficult.)
9 – Who do you admire most in life?

Here we are again with admiring… I admire a lot of people in my life. I don’t really look up to any celebs or anything? I really admire my aunts, my parents, doctors etc. Wouldn’t be able to name just one!
10 – What was the last lie you told?

Probably that I would be doing coursework today… HMMM…

So that’s all my questions answered! Now for the questions i’d like to ask!

1- What’s your favorite food?

2- What’s your favorite season?

3- If this was your last day on Earth, what would you be doing?

4- If you could have dinner with any person, who would it be?

5- What’s your favorite brand of chocolate?

6- What’s your favorite drugstore product? 

7- Who’s your favorite youtuber?

8- Who’s your favorite band/singer? Do you have a favorite song?

9- Do you have any children? Do you want any children?

10- What is your favorite animal?

So the bloggers i’ve tagged are:







So get answering girlies! 🙂 Also, can I just say, I just learnt how to tag people!!!

Stephanie x


My top 5: Palette: MUA Undressed review

So recently I was looking through my stats and most popular posts etc. I noticed that the ‘top 5’ series seemed to be my most popular. So, I thought that I should redo this post! The majority of us makeup/beauty lovers tend to buy new products continuously which makes us find new gems and also some real duds! So I thought I would update this series! (Who knows, maybe I could make it a yearly thing!) So the first of this series will be about eye shadow palettes. I have about 10 different palettes on the go now and I have also thrown many out too! But this isn’t about the duds, this is my BEST 5 that I most commonly use so here we go:


MUA – Undressed

IMG_5733IMG_5763 IMG_5734 IMG_5736

So this is a gorgeous palette. This is a perfect dupe for Urban Decay’s naked palette. The shadows are each so beautifully pigmented and last a long time too! They apply beautifully – maybe one applies chalky, but i’ll talk about that in a bit! This one costs £4 which, if you ask me, for 12 good-quality shadows is a complete steal! I think that the packaging may be something that puts people off buying this, let’s face it, it looks cheap, but for the products inside priced so cheaply it is a bargain and you should just overlook the packaging!  So now for the shades:

Left>Right Swatches

  • Puff
  • Rose Ash
  • Fawn
  • Gild
  • Hazel
  • Lion
  • Bronze Ore
  • Burnished Brown
  • Tawny
  • Henna
  • Fuel
  • Cool Grey

I love each of these shades except the last 2 – Fuel and Cool Grey. They don’t really suit my eye colour and I find these kinda chalky (might just have been bad luck though). I find Hazel and Tawny both two perfect natural shades! I recommend this for anyone who wants a palette for natural day and night makeup!

I’m gonna do this a little differently than last year, because I have a lot to say about each product I thought it would just be better to do my top 5 as 5 different posts! I don’t like reading long posts, so I don’t like posting them either! So keep your eyes peeled for the other 4. 🙂

Stephanie x

Favourites/Hate its

So I thought for today i’d do a favourite of mine! This is one that everyone and their mother knows about.

None other than the lipscrub from LUSH.

I personally only have the Santa’s lip scrub.. This one tastes like cola!  download (21)

You basically apply this with your finger and rub it into your lips. You can then lick off the left over sugar from your lips. This comes in like 5 different flavours some of which being popcorn and bubblegum!

This cost me about £3 in the Christmas Sale. It typically costs £5.50. I donno if I’d pay £5.50, but let’s face it, i’m a cheap skate! Once i’m finished with this tub I suppose I will buy some more! I imagine this will last for ages though because you really only need a little amount!

Look of the Day – Easter

Hey there! Thought i’d do just a quick picture of what my makeup look is for today! I’ve been really loving the red lips so i couldn’t resist doing a bit of a darker look for today. 🙂


The majority … maybe all of the products used were bought from the drugstore too!

The products used were:

Maybelline colour drama lipstick – Red Essential

Makeup Revolution blusher palette – Sugar & Spice

Collection Lasting Perfection foundation – Porcelain

MUA eye shadow palette – Heaven & Earth

MUA eye shadow palette – Undress me 2

Makeup Revolution arch & shape brows – medium

Maybelline Brow Drama sculpting mascara – Medium brown

Maybelline gel eyeliner – Black

Rimmel Scandel eyes shadow stick – Bluffing

Maybelline mascara – The mega Plush

Maybelline mascara – The falsies

Maybelline mascara – Great  Lash Waterproof

Sleek contour kit – Light

Makeup Revolution eye primer – Aqua seal

I’d be happy to do a how-to kinda post if you like the look 🙂 Hope you all have a fantastic Easter & Happy holidays to all! 🙂

Stephanie x

Favourites/ Hate its

Hola Friendies! I feel a bit awkward posting about things that I hate because I know that with a lot of makeup/ skincare products I could hate them and someone else could love them. But, today I will be posting one that I have never gotten a satisfying use out of.

This is the greatly loved primer potion by Urban Decay.


I’m going to start by stating the price. This greatly raved about product costs £16. There is 11ml of product in this. I got a smaller tube of this with one of my palettes a few years ago. I had tried this along with my shadows and was very disappointed. My shadows had creased within about 3 hours. I tried this out a few times, varying the amount of product that was applied and nothing but disappointment.

I don’t know, maybe this just didn’t work for my skin tone. That must be why – It seems to be a favourite for many beauty lovers! I just don’t think any product is worth it when you can get one just as good for a fraction of the price. There are sooo many dupes for this product for £2-3 so what’s the point?

Also, I must must mention! This day last year I created my blog and I just wanna say thankyou so much for following me and reading my posts! It’s very fulfilling knowing that people (that I don’t know) actually want to read what i’m thinking and are actually enjoying it! So thankyou very much! 191 followers is insane and i’m very grateful. 🙂

Stephanie x

Favourites/ Hate its

Allo! Today I have another Favourite to post about!

I picked this up because of the raving that the partner concealer gets. This is none other than Collection’s Lasting Perfection foundation! Everybody just loves the concealer, I personally don’t really use concealer so I thought I may as well try out the foundation!


I got this in the shade ‘porcelain’ as it is the lightest. I feel as though it matches my skin alright! I use a dampened stippling brush to help blend it in as the consistency is very thick and it is a high coverage finish. Yet, I find that it can be toned down with a dampened sponge or brush!

Collection gives this description:

‘This 6-in-1 foundation primes, conceals, covers, smoothes, protects and mattifies. Provides flawless coverage with innovative skin-lock technology for up to 16 hour wear with SPF20 protection. Use with Lasting Perfection Powder and Concealer for the ultimate in long-lasting wear.’

It definitely lasts the full day so i’m happy enough! For £5.99 I think this is a bargain! I recommend this one to all! For days you want a bit more coverage this is the one to reach for!