Favourites/ Hate its

Allo! Today I have another Favourite to post about!

I picked this up because of the raving that the partner concealer gets. This is none other than Collection’s Lasting Perfection foundation! Everybody just loves the concealer, I personally don’t really use concealer so I thought I may as well try out the foundation!


I got this in the shade ‘porcelain’ as it is the lightest. I feel as though it matches my skin alright! I use a dampened stippling brush to help blend it in as the consistency is very thick and it is a high coverage finish. Yet, I find that it can be toned down with a dampened sponge or brush!

Collection gives this description:

‘This 6-in-1 foundation primes, conceals, covers, smoothes, protects and mattifies. Provides flawless coverage with innovative skin-lock technology for up to 16 hour wear with SPF20 protection. Use with Lasting Perfection Powder and Concealer for the ultimate in long-lasting wear.’

It definitely lasts the full day so i’m happy enough! For £5.99 I think this is a bargain! I recommend this one to all! For days you want a bit more coverage this is the one to reach for!


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