Favourites/ Hate its

Hola Friendies! I feel a bit awkward posting about things that I hate because I know that with a lot of makeup/ skincare products I could hate them and someone else could love them. But, today I will be posting one that I have never gotten a satisfying use out of.

This is the greatly loved primer potion by Urban Decay.


I’m going to start by stating the price. This greatly raved about product costs £16. There is 11ml of product in this. I got a smaller tube of this with one of my palettes a few years ago. I had tried this along with my shadows and was very disappointed. My shadows had creased within about 3 hours. I tried this out a few times, varying the amount of product that was applied and nothing but disappointment.

I don’t know, maybe this just didn’t work for my skin tone. That must be why – It seems to be a favourite for many beauty lovers! I just don’t think any product is worth it when you can get one just as good for a fraction of the price. There are sooo many dupes for this product for £2-3 so what’s the point?

Also, I must must mention! This day last year I created my blog and I just wanna say thankyou so much for following me and reading my posts! It’s very fulfilling knowing that people (that I don’t know) actually want to read what i’m thinking and are actually enjoying it! So thankyou very much! 191 followers is insane and i’m very grateful. 🙂

Stephanie x


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