Favourites/Hate its

So I thought for today i’d do a favourite of mine! This is one that everyone and their mother knows about.

None other than the lipscrub from LUSH.

I personally only have the Santa’s lip scrub.. This one tastes like cola!  download (21)

You basically apply this with your finger and rub it into your lips. You can then lick off the left over sugar from your lips. This comes in like 5 different flavours some of which being popcorn and bubblegum!

This cost me about £3 in the Christmas Sale. It typically costs £5.50. I donno if I’d pay £5.50, but let’s face it, i’m a cheap skate! Once i’m finished with this tub I suppose I will buy some more! I imagine this will last for ages though because you really only need a little amount!


5 thoughts on “Favourites/Hate its

  1. asmileisthebestmakeup says:

    I really want to try this! I have the bubblegum one which I did a review on but this sounds lovely ☺️ xoxox

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