My top 5: Palette: MUA Undressed review

So recently I was looking through my stats and most popular posts etc. I noticed that the ‘top 5’ series seemed to be my most popular. So, I thought that I should redo this post! The majority of us makeup/beauty lovers tend to buy new products continuously which makes us find new gems and also some real duds! So I thought I would update this series! (Who knows, maybe I could make it a yearly thing!) So the first of this series will be about eye shadow palettes. I have about 10 different palettes on the go now and I have also thrown many out too! But this isn’t about the duds, this is my BEST 5 that I most commonly use so here we go:


MUA – Undressed

IMG_5733IMG_5763 IMG_5734 IMG_5736

So this is a gorgeous palette. This is a perfect dupe for Urban Decay’s naked palette. The shadows are each so beautifully pigmented and last a long time too! They apply beautifully – maybe one applies chalky, but i’ll talk about that in a bit! This one costs £4 which, if you ask me, for 12 good-quality shadows is a complete steal! I think that the packaging may be something that puts people off buying this, let’s face it, it looks cheap, but for the products inside priced so cheaply it is a bargain and you should just overlook the packaging!  So now for the shades:

Left>Right Swatches

  • Puff
  • Rose Ash
  • Fawn
  • Gild
  • Hazel
  • Lion
  • Bronze Ore
  • Burnished Brown
  • Tawny
  • Henna
  • Fuel
  • Cool Grey

I love each of these shades except the last 2 – Fuel and Cool Grey. They don’t really suit my eye colour and I find these kinda chalky (might just have been bad luck though). I find Hazel and Tawny both two perfect natural shades! I recommend this for anyone who wants a palette for natural day and night makeup!

I’m gonna do this a little differently than last year, because I have a lot to say about each product I thought it would just be better to do my top 5 as 5 different posts! I don’t like reading long posts, so I don’t like posting them either! So keep your eyes peeled for the other 4. 🙂

Stephanie x


8 thoughts on “My top 5: Palette: MUA Undressed review

    • Honestly all of MUA’s palettes are just amazing! Such a great quality for such little price! Shame you can’t get it where you are! 😦 Who knows, maybe at some stage i’ll do a giveaway 😉

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