My Top 5: Palettes

On with the ‘top 5’ eyeshadow palettes. I’m almost certain this is the third product within this title.

pigments Palette

MUA Ever After – Matte Palette ;£4

I love each of these shades, they have such a gorgeous finish. they blend in really well and I typically use these to add depth to my makeup looks. There are 10 shades in this.

I swatched them in the first picture. The top row first then the bottom row.

I recommend this to those who like matte shadows. Also, really great value!

Stephanie x


My Top 5: Skincare

Taking care of your skin is so important. There’s nothing better than feeling good in your skin and with these 5 products my skin glows!:)


Boots Essentials Cucumber Moisturising Cream – £1.50

I love this stuff. Every morning, without fail, I apply this before my makeup. This leaves your skin feeling so soft. It has such a refreshing scent and feels like such a high-end product, it’s crazy! For less than £2 for a product that has lasted me about 3 months I can honestly say this is my favourite every day product.

download 10125610

Boots tea tree witch hazel day and night moisturisers 

The day moisturiser (£3.59) & Night Treatment (£2.99) are brilliant for spot/acne prone skin. They really cleared my skin up when I was more spotty. I love how quickly this sinks into the skin. It applies so brilliantly like it is very fresh feeling on the skin. If you have either acne scarring or are just spotty, this is perfect to clear everything up!

download (1)

No.7 Soft & Soothed gentle cleanser; £9

Honestly, I don’t use this often. But, for when I’m wearing waterproof makeup this takes it off with ease. It’s a nice creamy product This is a complete luxury product for me, but it could be used every day.


Garnier Pure Active Charcoal Scrub – £4.99

Black heads are gone when using this. Any bumpy pores vanish after one use! I apply cleanser first in the shower and then this. It has a lovely cold tingle on the skin… yenno the kind where you can literally feel your skin getting cleaned!


Tesco – Ultra soft Fragrance Free Ultra Soft wipes £0.64

Lastly is baby wipes. I have used different brands of face and baby wipes for years. But, not one of them are as good as Tesco’s home brand. For less than a quid there really is no competition! This takes off all my makeup each night and it’s brilliant! Why spend £3 on wipes when you can spend less than £1?

So those are my top 5 Skincare products! I hope you enjoyed reading!

Stephanie x

Northern Ireland Call for Referendum on Same Sex Marriage Equality

Hi! As a second post today, I just want to tell you about this petition calling for a referendum in Northern Ireland for same sex marriage equality. Just have a quick read on the site and if you’re interested in promoting equal rights in Northern Ireland, sign the petition. Thanks!

My Top 5: Palettes

Here is the second part of my top 5 palette series. This is the second post.

IMG_5738 IMG_5739


Undress Me Too MUA 

This was the first MUA eyeshadow palette that I bought. The majority of the shades are highly pigmented (all bar the black shade in the bottom right corner). This is a dupe for the NAKED 2 Palette by Urban Decay. For £4 it is definitely worth picking up! The metallic shades in this are really gorgeous.

Sorry this isn’t a longer post today, got a lot of things on!

Stephanie x

Highlighter 411

Hi friend! Early start for me today, which is weird because I do love a lie in! But, nonetheless here I am! Recently i’ve been doing my ‘top 5’ series again, because I feel they are very interesting. But, when looking through my makeup collection I got some of my highlighters. I only have 4, but they are each different kinds. So I thought, because highlighters are a new thing for me, I would do a kind of ‘What you need to know’ when choosing different highlighters – a 411 if you will.

So, there are 3 main kinds of highlighters – liquid, powder & balm.

So What is used for what?! Well, here i’ll show you

Collection 2000

BALM: Collection

This is one that has been discontinued and the packaging has worn off, so I can’t even tell you what it is! But, the consistency is a balm. Balm highlighters glide on easily, are simple to blend in and give your skin a very natural glow. Honestly, I do love using this highlighter, but it has made it to the bottom of my makeup stash simply because I’ve found different highlighters which suit my skin much better. This is only really suitable if your skin is absolutely flawless as it can clump around spots/acne. Also, because of its thick texture I found it could result in me getting spots whilst using it! Of course, this may just be because of the formula.



Next i’ll talk about liquid highlighters. I have 2 in my collection and they are veryyy different. This, Seventeen WOW highlighter comes out in a pump and costs £4.99. the liquid is reasonably thick, but very easy to blend out. I love the pale sheen that this results in, as I have a  whiter than white skin tone! This is much easier to blend in comparison to the creamy balm.


The other liquid highlighter I have is technic High lights. This is a complete dupe for benefit’s High Beam. However, I got this for £2.99. This consistency is much more liquidy in comparison to seventeen’s WOW. I find that this is simple to use and easy to blend into your skin. I would say liquid highlighters are more suitable to anyone’s skin type – oily, normal or dry.



Lastly is powder highlighter. In terms of which kind leaves the most ‘natural’ finish on your skin, i’d say this is the winner. A light dusting of this on the skin leaves the perfect flow, but if you want a more dramatic look simply dampen your applicator and your skin will be beaming! This is the SLEEK palette. This costs a mere £9.99. I really love this contour palette (in light) as it has a really lovely pigmentation and is very easy to use.


Above are the 4 different highlighters

Seventeen WOW> technic> collection> sleek (dry)> sleek (dampened)

So there are the different highlighter kinds. I hope this helped you in choosing which kind is right for you! I love both the sleek and the technic ones the most. They are well priced and give such a beautiful finish to your skin.

Stephanie x

My Top 5; Lipsticks


Lipsticks are a complete newbie in my makeup collection. I feel as though they can truly ‘complete’ a makeup look… face done, eyes done … but the lips are left plain… looks a bit weird.. yenno?

Anyway, so here are my ‘top 5’ lipsticks. (I cheated again and did 6 on technicalities)

Red Essential

Maybelline Colour Drama; Red Essential  £4.99

I have been really loving this range from Maybelline New York.They apply so smoothly and stay on all day! they have a nice creamy feeling, but once they’re on the lips they barely budge! The Maybelline Colour Drama lipsticks are my favourites for lips! This one, Red Essential is the horizontal swatch. It is the perfect deep red! 🙂

Keep it Classy

Maybelline Colour Drama : Keep it Classy £4.99

I like this as a deep nude colour? It is kinda like a ‘your lips but better’ product! 🙂 This is nice for a not-so OTT finish!

Berry Much

Maybelline Colour Drama ; Berry Much £4.99

I love this one. For those who like a bit of purple in their lips this is perfect! I’d say this is more plum than purple, but you know what I mean! It is a nice combo of red and plum for a more vampy look.

wine autograph

M&S Autograph ; Wine £3?

So i’m not sure if this one is still available? I got this last Christmas in the sales for about £3.. It is a very moisturising red wine colour… I like this for darker looks! 🙂

Collection 02 Tallulah

Collection Deluxe ; Tallulah 02  £2.99

For me, the freakishly pale person, this is a perfect nude! For such a cheap price it is amazing! It glides onto the lips with ease and has a nice moisturising feeling on the lips! This does have to be reapplied a lot throughout the day though… A bit of lip liner under it helps this though!

Cotton Candy

Collection Cream Puff ; Cotton Candy £2.99

This is my kinda, but not so much lipstick. This is more of a lip stain, but I love it and have to include it! This applies as a cream but then dries in pretty quickly. It stays on your lips all day and is such a lovely your-lips-but-better product. I really like this and 100% recommend it!

Here’s a lil sneak peek into tomorrow’s post;;


So keep an eye out for it! 🙂

So, I hope you enjoyed reading! I’d like to know what your favourite lipsticks/lipstick brands you like?

Stephanie x

My top 5: Lip Glosses

All together

Hi friendies! So recently I’ve been trying out different lip products. I’ve only recently been becoming a fan of lipsticks and even more recently been becoming a fan of lip glosses! There is one lip gloss which I reallly loved, but it got discontinued quite a long time ago. It was from the brand miss sporty. Ever since, I just haven’t found a gloss just as good! So I gave up after a while, but recently I have been keeping an eye out on a few!

Also, i have 6 in this ‘top 5’ but, I don’t think one REALLLLLY counts, but i’m putting it in just because it is glossy and I do love it! So anyway, on with the products:


Rimmel London: Oh My Gloss £5.49

This one, out of the 6 is my least favourite. Nonetheless, I do think it’s a really great product. The only reason why i’d say this is the one I like least is because of the texture – A little thick and i’d almost say… tacky feeling? Its scent is almost like honey? It too is a little off-putting as I personally find it a little sickening. It has a clear colour which is perfect to just add a gloss onto a lipstick! The applicator is a stretched out doe foot which makes it easy to apply the product. An advantage of this gloss is that it is enriched with argan oil, so it is very nourishing and hydrating. The colour of this is called ‘Crystal Clear’


Makeup Revolution: Amazing Lipgloss £1

The shade of this is ‘raspberry’ which I think is just nice for a light sheen of colour on your lips. the texture is thick, but only very slightly tacky, which I really like. The colour is perfect just for a nice little hint and a perfect sheen on the lips. Meanwhile the applicator is the basic doe foot applicator typically found in glosses.


MUA: Intense Kisses High intensity gloss £2

I have this in the shade named Smooch. The scent of this is a nice soft vanilla. Although the product has little specs of glitter, the texture is pretty smooth and I can’t say that I personally can feel the glitter unlike how you can feel it having a pretty gritty texture in other glittered glosses. The colour is a lovely coral tint which applies very easily with the sponged doe foot applicator. 


Maybelline: Colour Sensational Gloss £6.19

The shade of this is ‘Glamorous Grapefruit‘. The scent is a really lovely fruit jelly kinda smell and the texture is gorgeous too – it sits on the lips perfectly and isn’t at all sticky! The colour is a corally-pink which gives a good tint too. The applicator is a small, slim doe foot which applies this dreamy product with ease!


L’oreal : Infallible mega gloss £6.99

I have this one in the shade ‘Girls on top‘. I love the sweet scent of this. The texture is the thick, kinda moisturising feeling? The colour is a nice creamy pink which is a nice nude. My favourite thing about this gloss however has to be the bent doe foot. It applies the product really nicely and is just fun to have such a unique applicator on such a commonly used product! 🙂

The body shop

The Body Shop – Born Lippy £3

So I got this one in the colour ‘Raspberry’. The texture is a lovely light glossy feeling on the lips – not at all sticky with a small amount, but if you like a thicker product you can just apply a bit more and you’re there! The colour is very sheer, but a little tint of dark pink. However, unlike the other glosses, this comes in a tub, so you apply this typically with your finger,but can also be applied with a brush if you prefer. I do love this one, so I added it to my fave glosses!

So I hope you’ve enjoyed reading! I would love to know about your favourite glosses, if you want to mention them below in the comments, I’d love to try them out! 🙂

Stephanie x