The Perfect Winged Liner

So i’ve been doing eyeliner since about first year… so 5 years. It is only recently that I have gotten a half decent technique! When you want a proper flick it can be so frustrating, I know that it was for me anyway! But, recently i’ve found this new technique which is basically fool-proof! So, today i’m gonna share it with you, friend!


Top> Bottom

Collection: Kohl Eyeliner Precision Colour – 1 Black £1.99

Collection: Extreme 24 hour Felt Tip Eyeliner £2.99

L’oreal: Super Liner – Black Lacquer Waterproof £5.99

I like to use each of these for different parts of the liner. Typically I like to do the outline with the felt tip. However, I find this washes off really easily (Waterproof, my ass!) But, it is easy to draw out a stencil kinda thing with this! I then fill it in with the L’oreal super liner and then do my water and tight line with the Collection Kohl liner.

Step 1 


I begin by drawing the outer flick. I find that when i line my eye first, i find it too difficult to attach the outer flick to the liner… if that makes sense? This is completed with the felt tip liner.

Step 2 


Next, with the felt tip liner, I trace around my upper lash line. This can be however thick and thin you wish! 🙂

Step 3


I then go over the outline with my L’oreal liquid liner. This thing is brilliant! It stays on all day and applies easily! Instead of a pesky brush, this has a felt tip applicator. It is very fine and can create either a slim or thick line! However, this does have a glossed finish, so if you want a more matte product, this isn’t the one for you!

Step 4 


Finally I use the kohl liner to fill in my tight line. I also like to apply a little on my outer corner of my water line. I blend this slightly below the waterline using my finger! (You can obviously use a brush for this too, but clean fingers are also perfect!)

And that’s how I create the perfect cat eye/ flick. You can adjust the size of the flick and also thickness the way you like!

perfect liner >> My quick guide!

So I hope you enjoyed reading! Also, here’s a wee sneak peek into an upcoming post!

IMG_5878 IMG_5877

Thanks for reading friendo!

Stephanie x


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