w7 In The Nude Palette

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So, the Naked 1,2 &3 palettes have taken the beauty world by storm over the past few years. Many brands including w7 & MUA have done their dupes of said palettes. I currently own the undressed & undress me too palettes by MUA. These are dupes for the naked 1&2 palettes. The price difference is £4 for the MUA, meanwhile the Urban decay palettes take a whopping £38 out of your purse! I must admit, I am a fan of Urban Decay eyeshadows, but honestly, I would only get these as a gift, i’m not up for paying such a high cost for something that many brands do a very good dupe for!

So, the newer Naked 3 palette is yet to have an MUA dupe, so I noticed this w7 palette when shopping in a local beauty shop. The shop makes its own prices, so i decided to have a look online. I purchased this for £5.49 off an Ebay seller. It arrived within like 3 days, so I was very happy!

So, on with the product then! The packaging is a kind of tin material? It isn’t that sturdy and I am foreseeing it breaking… But, i’m interested in the product inside more than the packaging! This palette has the trend of a pink undertone to each of the shadows. There are a range of mattes, shimmers and glitters. The shadows are so beautiful and smooth to apply, really lovely pigmentation and, out of the naked 1,2 & 3 dupes that I have, this is by far my favourite! I feel this is perfect for natural eye, neutral, smokey, intense etc. The shades all go well beautifully together, in fact, I think i’m wearing about 9 of the shades right now! They blend so easily and are just a really good product.

The 12 Shadows are called:

Latte, Angel, Venice, Marilyn, Copper Pot, Sun Kissed, Alice, Bad Manners, Coffee Cup, Mud Slide, Tokyo & Fashionista 

This is my new favourite palette in general. Perfect for any look!

The first 3 shadows don’t really show up well in the pictures, but I can guarantee that they have good pigmentation and each of these 3 are a perfect base for your look.

This palette came with an applicator. It is duo-ended. One end has an application sponge (Not a fan of makeup sponge applicators) and a smaller crease brush which is soft and easy to use!

This is perfect for brown eyes and i’m sure looks good on green & blue also!

Just to compare::


(Please note that I had natural lighting, so it kinda washed out the colours a little bit, I promise, they are basically identical in every shade!)

So I hope you enjoyed reading and if you know of any other Urban Decay dupes I’d love to know! 🙂

Stephanie x


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