My top 5: Blushers

Hey there! So I am off school to begin with, so I should be posting a lot more regularly! After my eyeliner-how-to yesterday, I am feeling so up for regular posting! Maybe once or twice a day even! (You’ll be sick of me by the end of the week!)

If you read my post yesterday, I gave a lil preview of what today’s post is about. I will do that tonight, I promise… maybe! But, for now I will be continuing my ‘Top 5’ series. I had a hoke through my makeup collection and picked out my favourite blushers. So, if you’re interested, keep reading, friend!


These are all drugstore products and can each be bought for under £12!

So, let’s begin with my favourite of the 5:

Revolution flash no flash

Makeup Revolution: Sugar & Spice blush and contour palette

£6 is the price for these 8 highly pigmented powders. I bought this last month and have been using it every day since! On the top row, the first two powders can be used for contouring. The two products on the far right (top and bottom row) are veryyyy shiny shimmers for highlighting. The rest are regular blushers. They have a matte finish and are verryyyyy highly pigmented, so just a dab with the brush does you fine! I recommend using a fluffy brush for the perfect flush of colour on your cheeks! Basically, My favourite blusher in this palette is the 3rd colour across (both top and bottom row) mixed together. The bottom row third across is an orange colour, which I really don’t have the guts to wear by itself yet, so I add a dab of the third across (top row) to add a slight pink tint. I find each of these powders truly beautiful. For £6 also, you’re really not breaking the bank either! That is 75p for each product in this palette. The packaging is really lovely also, there is a biiiig mirror which is very hand to use! 🙂

Natural CollectionNatural Collection Pink Cloud

Next is the Natural Collection Dusky Pink blusher & Pink Cloud

I find the dusky pink is perfect for a light flush of colour. This is sold at £1.99. Good pigmentation, matte finish. Natural Collection Pink Cloud  again,sells at £1.99. This is such a barbie-girl pink. Such a soft, pastel-pink.

Revolution Makeup Blusher

Makeup Revolution is sold at poundland, so it is sold at £1. I think this has a really nice pigmentation. This is called ‘Coral Rose’. It is in fact that, coral with a lovely pink tone to it! This is perfect for the ‘flushed cheeks’ look.

Soap & Glory

Soap & Glory: Love at First Blush

This one costs the most out of all my favourites. £11. But, this does last a very long time! There are 3 shades in this. 2 pinks and one highlight. This has a very shimmery finish, I like to use a little bit of this on the apples of my cheeks in Springtime and Summer!


MUA: Shade 1 Blusher

I like this for a little hint of colour on my cheeks. It has just the right amount of pigmentation for an everyday look. At £1, it really is worth picking up. Also, MUA have recently improved their packaging so it is much stronger and is much less likely to break in your makeup bag. 🙂


IMG_5904– Soap &Glory Love at First Blush  IMG_5905 IMG_5906 IMG_5903


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