My top 5: Lip Glosses

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Hi friendies! So recently I’ve been trying out different lip products. I’ve only recently been becoming a fan of lipsticks and even more recently been becoming a fan of lip glosses! There is one lip gloss which I reallly loved, but it got discontinued quite a long time ago. It was from the brand miss sporty. Ever since, I just haven’t found a gloss just as good! So I gave up after a while, but recently I have been keeping an eye out on a few!

Also, i have 6 in this ‘top 5’ but, I don’t think one REALLLLLY counts, but i’m putting it in just because it is glossy and I do love it! So anyway, on with the products:


Rimmel London: Oh My Gloss £5.49

This one, out of the 6 is my least favourite. Nonetheless, I do think it’s a really great product. The only reason why i’d say this is the one I like least is because of the texture – A little thick and i’d almost say… tacky feeling? Its scent is almost like honey? It too is a little off-putting as I personally find it a little sickening. It has a clear colour which is perfect to just add a gloss onto a lipstick! The applicator is a stretched out doe foot which makes it easy to apply the product. An advantage of this gloss is that it is enriched with argan oil, so it is very nourishing and hydrating. The colour of this is called ‘Crystal Clear’


Makeup Revolution: Amazing Lipgloss £1

The shade of this is ‘raspberry’ which I think is just nice for a light sheen of colour on your lips. the texture is thick, but only very slightly tacky, which I really like. The colour is perfect just for a nice little hint and a perfect sheen on the lips. Meanwhile the applicator is the basic doe foot applicator typically found in glosses.


MUA: Intense Kisses High intensity gloss £2

I have this in the shade named Smooch. The scent of this is a nice soft vanilla. Although the product has little specs of glitter, the texture is pretty smooth and I can’t say that I personally can feel the glitter unlike how you can feel it having a pretty gritty texture in other glittered glosses. The colour is a lovely coral tint which applies very easily with the sponged doe foot applicator. 


Maybelline: Colour Sensational Gloss £6.19

The shade of this is ‘Glamorous Grapefruit‘. The scent is a really lovely fruit jelly kinda smell and the texture is gorgeous too – it sits on the lips perfectly and isn’t at all sticky! The colour is a corally-pink which gives a good tint too. The applicator is a small, slim doe foot which applies this dreamy product with ease!


L’oreal : Infallible mega gloss £6.99

I have this one in the shade ‘Girls on top‘. I love the sweet scent of this. The texture is the thick, kinda moisturising feeling? The colour is a nice creamy pink which is a nice nude. My favourite thing about this gloss however has to be the bent doe foot. It applies the product really nicely and is just fun to have such a unique applicator on such a commonly used product! 🙂

The body shop

The Body Shop – Born Lippy £3

So I got this one in the colour ‘Raspberry’. The texture is a lovely light glossy feeling on the lips – not at all sticky with a small amount, but if you like a thicker product you can just apply a bit more and you’re there! The colour is very sheer, but a little tint of dark pink. However, unlike the other glosses, this comes in a tub, so you apply this typically with your finger,but can also be applied with a brush if you prefer. I do love this one, so I added it to my fave glosses!

So I hope you’ve enjoyed reading! I would love to know about your favourite glosses, if you want to mention them below in the comments, I’d love to try them out! 🙂

Stephanie x


8 thoughts on “My top 5: Lip Glosses

  1. plus+beauty27 says:

    Great post! I love my lip glosses! The L’Oreal one looks really beautiful! I would love to try that one. 🙂

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