My Top 5; Lipsticks


Lipsticks are a complete newbie in my makeup collection. I feel as though they can truly ‘complete’ a makeup look… face done, eyes done … but the lips are left plain… looks a bit weird.. yenno?

Anyway, so here are my ‘top 5’ lipsticks. (I cheated again and did 6 on technicalities)

Red Essential

Maybelline Colour Drama; Red Essential  £4.99

I have been really loving this range from Maybelline New York.They apply so smoothly and stay on all day! they have a nice creamy feeling, but once they’re on the lips they barely budge! The Maybelline Colour Drama lipsticks are my favourites for lips! This one, Red Essential is the horizontal swatch. It is the perfect deep red! 🙂

Keep it Classy

Maybelline Colour Drama : Keep it Classy £4.99

I like this as a deep nude colour? It is kinda like a ‘your lips but better’ product! 🙂 This is nice for a not-so OTT finish!

Berry Much

Maybelline Colour Drama ; Berry Much £4.99

I love this one. For those who like a bit of purple in their lips this is perfect! I’d say this is more plum than purple, but you know what I mean! It is a nice combo of red and plum for a more vampy look.

wine autograph

M&S Autograph ; Wine £3?

So i’m not sure if this one is still available? I got this last Christmas in the sales for about £3.. It is a very moisturising red wine colour… I like this for darker looks! 🙂

Collection 02 Tallulah

Collection Deluxe ; Tallulah 02  £2.99

For me, the freakishly pale person, this is a perfect nude! For such a cheap price it is amazing! It glides onto the lips with ease and has a nice moisturising feeling on the lips! This does have to be reapplied a lot throughout the day though… A bit of lip liner under it helps this though!

Cotton Candy

Collection Cream Puff ; Cotton Candy £2.99

This is my kinda, but not so much lipstick. This is more of a lip stain, but I love it and have to include it! This applies as a cream but then dries in pretty quickly. It stays on your lips all day and is such a lovely your-lips-but-better product. I really like this and 100% recommend it!

Here’s a lil sneak peek into tomorrow’s post;;


So keep an eye out for it! 🙂

So, I hope you enjoyed reading! I’d like to know what your favourite lipsticks/lipstick brands you like?

Stephanie x


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