Highlighter 411

Hi friend! Early start for me today, which is weird because I do love a lie in! But, nonetheless here I am! Recently i’ve been doing my ‘top 5’ series again, because I feel they are very interesting. But, when looking through my makeup collection I got some of my highlighters. I only have 4, but they are each different kinds. So I thought, because highlighters are a new thing for me, I would do a kind of ‘What you need to know’ when choosing different highlighters – a 411 if you will.

So, there are 3 main kinds of highlighters – liquid, powder & balm.

So What is used for what?! Well, here i’ll show you

Collection 2000

BALM: Collection

This is one that has been discontinued and the packaging has worn off, so I can’t even tell you what it is! But, the consistency is a balm. Balm highlighters glide on easily, are simple to blend in and give your skin a very natural glow. Honestly, I do love using this highlighter, but it has made it to the bottom of my makeup stash simply because I’ve found different highlighters which suit my skin much better. This is only really suitable if your skin is absolutely flawless as it can clump around spots/acne. Also, because of its thick texture I found it could result in me getting spots whilst using it! Of course, this may just be because of the formula.



Next i’ll talk about liquid highlighters. I have 2 in my collection and they are veryyy different. This, Seventeen WOW highlighter comes out in a pump and costs £4.99. the liquid is reasonably thick, but very easy to blend out. I love the pale sheen that this results in, as I have a  whiter than white skin tone! This is much easier to blend in comparison to the creamy balm.


The other liquid highlighter I have is technic High lights. This is a complete dupe for benefit’s High Beam. However, I got this for £2.99. This consistency is much more liquidy in comparison to seventeen’s WOW. I find that this is simple to use and easy to blend into your skin. I would say liquid highlighters are more suitable to anyone’s skin type – oily, normal or dry.



Lastly is powder highlighter. In terms of which kind leaves the most ‘natural’ finish on your skin, i’d say this is the winner. A light dusting of this on the skin leaves the perfect flow, but if you want a more dramatic look simply dampen your applicator and your skin will be beaming! This is the SLEEK palette. This costs a mere £9.99. I really love this contour palette (in light) as it has a really lovely pigmentation and is very easy to use.


Above are the 4 different highlighters

Seventeen WOW> technic> collection> sleek (dry)> sleek (dampened)

So there are the different highlighter kinds. I hope this helped you in choosing which kind is right for you! I love both the sleek and the technic ones the most. They are well priced and give such a beautiful finish to your skin.

Stephanie x


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