My Top 5; Fragrance

So I post a lot about things beauty related, but for my ‘Top 5 Series’ I thought i’d talk about perfumes/fragrances also!

I love perfume! I used to wear a lot of Britney Spear’s perfumes, but now I’m a huge fan of Marc Jacobs’ collection. Soooo, here are my top 5;

download (2)

Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh 

So this costs £55.50 for 75ml. This is the perfect every day perfume for a lovely feminine scent. I think this smells a little like parma violets. It is such a soft sweet smell, maybe a bit of pear too!


Marc Jacobs dot

For 50ml this is £49.50. I feel in comparison to the daisy one this is a little more fruity. It smells a lot fresher and smells of red berries.

Thierry Mugler

Thierry Mugler Angel 

For 50ml this one costs £64.50. I only have this one as a sample, but it smells so amazing. I will definitely be purchasing once I finish it off. This is very vanilla-ey with like chocolate scents to it? It is just so nice! I can’t help but to smell my wrists when I wear it!

Hidden Fantasy

Britney Spears Hidden Fantasy

For 100ml this costs £17.99. This is by far the cheapest of my favourites and it lasts years!! This is just a casual scent that is light and fruity!

Malibu Beach

Hollister Malibu Beach 

For a regular sized bottle it costs £12. This is such a woody vanilla scent. I think it is so perfect for a girly scent! This one lasts absolute donkeys also – one squirt of the spray will last you all day! Really brilliant one!

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Eyeshadow Palettes

So I hope you enjoyed this post!

Stephanie x


8 thoughts on “My Top 5; Fragrance

  1. you should try Flash by Jimmy Choo, its amazing , you should spray it next time you see it in a chemist or drugstore, its my all time favourite scent! loved your post would love it if you checked out my latest xx

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