My Top 5: Bodycare & haircare

So the end is near with my ‘Top 5’ series! I thought because there isn’t much to say about haircare or skincare that I should just throw them into the same post!

So, My top 5: Haircare 



Argan Oil Shampoo £2.50

So there are many different shampoos with the latest raved about hair care ingredient- Argan oil! This is the first i’ve personally used and I love it! When I use this it makes my hair so irresistibly soft and smooth and shiny and and and!! It’s a cheap price for such a lovable product!


Lee Stafford Blow Dry Your Hair Faster £6.99

This little gem has been used every time I’m blow drying my hair for the past 3 years. I spray this onto my wet hair, then I brush through it (It also acts as a detangler) and then blow dry it. It protects your hair from up to 220 C it is amazing and I recommend it to everyone! (Also yes, I feel it down speed up your drying!)


L’Oreal Elnett Heat Protect Styling Spray Straight £5.99

This product claims to protect against heat up to 230°C while locking in a sleek and straight look for up to 3 days. I agree with the protection and sleek claim, however my hair is naturally very curly so it would be a miracle if any product could keep my hair straight for longer than a day! The smell of this isn’t too strong and the spray itself disperses the product throughout the hair nicely!


Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment £8.49

This is my favourite hair product of all time. I have purchased and repurchased this a billion times! I apply this to my roots and let it sit for up to 2 hours on my scalp! It smells incredible and leaves your hair looking so healthy and soft and shiny etc etc. I’d say this does increase your hair growth, so does what it says on the tin!


LUSH Shampoo bar £5.75+

So I like these simply because of their convenience! I have 3 different bars. They smell incredible and lather up in your hair very well. Perhaps I just need to find a better product that suits my hair better in their solid shampoo range, because there’s no denying this is a good product! This is perfect for holidays! Leaves your hair in good condition also! 🙂

My Top 5: Bodycare 


IMG_6124 IMG_6123 ikki


So here are my top 3 moisturisers. Left>Right

The Body Shop Mango Body Whip £8

This amazing scented lotion truly makes your skin soft. The body shop are always doing sales too, so you can get this at a much cheaper price!

I love blueberry & smoothie body butter £2 

When in need of a basic moisturiser, this fruity scented body butter is nice and creamy and leaves your skin nice and soft! It sinks into the skin pretty quickly too.

Garnier intensive 7 days Moisturising gel cream £3.15

This is a weird one. It comes out as a gel/cream texture! it sinks into your skin as fast as a gel does and has a fresh scent.


The Body Shop Body Butter chocolate body butter £2.50

50ml sounds like a very small amount of product, when it arrived in the post I was originally disappointed with how little you get. But, you need the tiniest amount. This is the only body butter than I have used that is literally like butter! It is solid and melts into your skin. It smells divineeeeeeee! It is very hydrating on the skin and leaves it so smooth to touch!


Soft & gentle 48 hour protection £1-3

This is my favourite of all deoderant brands. This comes in such lovely scents that linger under your arms all day! Not even a hint of sweat!

So I have 2 more posts to do, to finish off my top 5 series and that’s my last 2 eye palette favourites. So, keep an eye out for those, the should be finished soon!

Thanks for reading & if you’d like to read my other posts in this series check out:

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So thanks for reading!

Stephanie x


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