Shopping Haul! {Drugstore Of Course!}

Just a quick post today about what I picked up from different drugstores today! Each product was less than a fiver & you should be expecting reviews within a week!


NYC High Definition Liquid Eyeliner (Soft Black) £2.99

Makeup Gallery Pout It Out Lip Liner (Rose 2) £1

MUA Cover & Conceal (Fair) £1.50

MUA Pro Base Argan Plus Concealer (Natural) £3

Makeup Revolution London Focus & Fix Liquid Concealer (Light) £2

As a first impression kinda thing, the NYC liner lasts all day, but it is a lighter black, which some may find annoying. The Makeup Gallery lip liner is waxy, which makes it more difficult to apply, but look out for ways to fix that (soon to come posts!) The Cover & Conceal MUA product applies so easily & the Pro Base Concealer is a handy stick concealer. Lastly, the Makeup Revolution concealer blends in well, but has a smaller range of shades/skin tones.

So! I’ll be posting a proper post tomorrow, but for now, ciao!

Stephanie x


4 thoughts on “Shopping Haul! {Drugstore Of Course!}

    • I’ve only really had a quick look at each, but the cover and conceal by MUA is one I think I’ll get along with because its not at all cakey!:) but, need to give the others a good chance first! If you’re looking for a good concealer, I’m a big fan of Soap &Glory’s ‘kick ass’ concealer! Il have a wee look at your blog now, thanks!:) x

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