{Drugstore} Shopping Haul – Review!

So on Tuesday I posted a drugstore shopping haul and promised i’d be doing my review on each of the products soon. So, today I’m going to tell you about each of the products purchased!

IMG_6150Top>> Bottom

NYC High Definition Liquid Eyeliner (Soft Black) £2.99

Makeup Gallery Pout It Out Lip Liner (Rose 2) £1

MUA Cover & Conceal (Fair) £1.50

MUA Pro Base Argan Plus Concealer (Natural) £3

Makeup Revolution London Focus & Fix Liquid Concealer (Light) £2

So, The NYC High Definition Liquid Eyeliner in Soft Black I actually really like! I can see myself using this a lot for school because it is only a soft black. It can do a really thin line and is easy to build up into a more dramatic, thicker line too!

Here’s a picture of a look I made using the pen.

Eye Liner As you can see it is so subtle. The softer black, almost a dark gray, makes it much less in your face. I am a big fan of this one, especially because not only does it stay on my eyes all day, it is pretty waterproof too!

Next up are the 3 concealers.

Concealer I actually really like each product. I know that the third swatch looks significantly darker in comparison to the others, but it blends right into your skin, not looking anything like it does when originally applied. The swatches are the Revolution Focus & Fix, the MUA Cover & conceal and lastly, the MUA Pro base.

I love the MUA cover & conceal under my eyes to brighten my face up. It is such a lovely product. I tended to avoid concealers because they were too thick and just looked cakey on my skin (this was about 2 years ago i’m talking about!) But MAN, makeup companies have really fixed this problem! None of the above products left me feeling like I was wearing too much makeup. The other two products are just used on the face to conceal blemishes. I think the MUA pro base is perfect for the handbag too as it’s just a quick fix for any redness throughout the day! 🙂

Lip liner

Lastly is the Makeup Gallery lip liner in Rose 2. This is originally difficult to apply, so I heated the product with a match for like 2 seconds, let it cool and then it applied with ease. This is the perfect match for my lips, so i will be wearing this under any nude lipsticks in the future! Like many lipliners however, this is drying. But, for £1 i’m impressed!

So basically, my last shopping trip was 100% success! Gotta love when that happens!

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Stephanie x


May Favourites

So I promised myself, at the start of the year, that I would post monthly favourites each month this year. During the end of May I was focusing on finishing my ‘top 5’ series and forgot all about the Monthly Favourites posts… (My bad!) But, as I always say… Better late than never, eh?

All My Favourites

So I have 10 products and 1 brush to talk about for last month! Some of them are recurring faves and others are new ones!


My Favourite EyesLeft>>Right

Large angled brush, Makeup Gallery (Nude 2), Maybelline (Big Eyes Mascara), Makeup Revolution (Aqua Seal) Mac (prolongwear paint pot) Catrice (absolute eye colour mono)

So i’ve been loving using a larger angled brush to apply my eyeshadow colour. I find it much easier (& quicker too) to apply my brow colour & shape. I got this as part of a makeup brush set that I purchased earlier this year off ebay.

I have been using my Makeup Gallery (Nude 2) as a base to set my primer and to help brighten up my looks. This is the perfect creamy colour for nude makeup looks. This makeup brand is sold in Poundland (For £1 obviously).

My Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara has been used every day in May! I have loved it so much. It is perfect for long lashes making your lashes look the best you’ve ever been! I apply the upper lash wand from root to tip on my upper lashes, meanwhile I just apply the lower lash wand to the roots of my lower lashes to prevent spidery lashes! This duo mascara is £8.99, but Maybelline often do offers.

Makeup Revolution Aqua Seal primer is one that has been regularly used in the month of May. I found it weird getting used to using this one because i’ve never really used such a liquidy product on my lids! For £3 this is amazing! It is probably the best primer that i’ve ever used also! Makeup Revolution is a new favourite drugstore brand of mine & I recommend it to everyone! 🙂

Mac Prolongwear paint pot in Chrome Angel is one that just can’t be forgotten about in my Makeup routine! I like to use lighter eyeshadow bases to make any colour put ontop of it ‘pop’. Also, because I use matte eyeshadows so often, this helps to lighten up the look… yenno, not make it look so dull? I know that £15.50 does sound a bit steep, but i’ve had this about a year and a half, use it regularly and haven’t even hit pan on it yet! So, not so bad.

Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Mono in Starlight Expresso is the perfect shade to turn any look into a smokey eye. I like to apply this to my crease along with a creamy colour under. I basically use this everyday for a natural eye! I bought this 2 years ago and finally hit pan! This costs around £5 and is worth every penny!


My Favourite Lips Left >>Right L’oreal Collection Exclusive, The Body Shop lip butter, The Body Shop stick lip balm, Rimmel Exaggerate lip liner

L’oreal Paris Colour Rich Exclusive Nudes in Juliane is such a lovely nude. It glides on effortlessly just finishing off your look. I love the sleek packaging off this too. This one costs just £6.99 and the exclusive nudes range has 6 different shades, so you’re likely to find the perfect one to suit you!

The body shop lip butter in strawberry is such a nourishing, tasty balm that hydrates your lips in just one use! It is also so creamy and the lip butters come in many different flavours too! This costs £4, but I tend to only purchase the body shop products when on sale (which is often too!)

The Body Shop Born Lippy lipbalm – Strawberry is another perfect lip balm from the body shop. It applies only a little hint of colour, which I like! The scent is strong and is so tasty on the lips. This costs £3, but again, this is often on sale so I only buy it when reduced! 

Rimmel London has done it again with another brilliant liner. This one is a lip liner which is the perfect product for under your nude lippy! This is in East End Snob and costs only £3.99. It is so creamy and is perfect for every day lips.

Sugar & Spice Palette

Makeup Revolution is in my monthly favourites again! This ultra blush palette in Sugar & Spice, for £6, has the best blushers that i’ve ever used. They are so soft and creamy to touch and blend so beautifully. You only need the tiniest bit of product on your brush because each shade is so pigmented. In this there are 2 highlighters, 1 contour and 5 blushers.

So those are my favourites of May. I know this was a little late … or very late… but, what can you do?

If you’d like to catch up with my top 5 series, click here for one of the posts with all the links at the end!

Thanks for reading,

Stephanie x

Shopping Haul! {Drugstore Of Course!}

Just a quick post today about what I picked up from different drugstores today! Each product was less than a fiver & you should be expecting reviews within a week!


NYC High Definition Liquid Eyeliner (Soft Black) £2.99

Makeup Gallery Pout It Out Lip Liner (Rose 2) £1

MUA Cover & Conceal (Fair) £1.50

MUA Pro Base Argan Plus Concealer (Natural) £3

Makeup Revolution London Focus & Fix Liquid Concealer (Light) £2

As a first impression kinda thing, the NYC liner lasts all day, but it is a lighter black, which some may find annoying. The Makeup Gallery lip liner is waxy, which makes it more difficult to apply, but look out for ways to fix that (soon to come posts!) The Cover & Conceal MUA product applies so easily & the Pro Base Concealer is a handy stick concealer. Lastly, the Makeup Revolution concealer blends in well, but has a smaller range of shades/skin tones.

So! I’ll be posting a proper post tomorrow, but for now, ciao!

Stephanie x

My Summer Picks!

So I think it’s (almost) safe to say that Summer has officially arrived in the UK! So, just like how fashion changes in the Summer season, so does the makeup! I’ve actually noticed a big change in my makeup bag this year, so I thought i’d share with you what my Summer Essentials are!


So there are 9 biggies this year! I’ll start off with the face products:


Soap & Glory Solar Powder, Rimmel London Match Perfection & Revolution Ultra Blush Palette

Rimmel London Match Perfection foundation Light Porcelain £6.99

Having really fair skin makes it hard for me to find foundations, but 010 porcelain is perfect for me. It’s a medium coverage, natural looking foundation great for everyday. This glides onto the skin so perfectly and just sinks in, leaving such a flawless, natural finish. I  apply this with either my fingers or a stippling brush.

inside face

Soap & Glory Solar Powder £11

This little duo has been a favourite of mine since like 2012! It gives an all over colour which is not too dark and no orange tints at all! If you have paler skin, like myself, this is much better suited for you. It has a more gray undertone than orange, so the matte bronzer(/contour) is perfect for a nice contour on pale skin. The highlight side of this is so subtle. It is the least in-your-face highlighter that i’ve ever used. So, you can use this duo for 3 different things – contouring, highlighting & swish your brush all over the product and you have the perfect bronzer. This one is definitely worth the money! However, the packaging is quite flimsy, so if you’re rough with it, it is likely to tear apart.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette Sugar & Spice £6

To start this off, let me just say for £6 this is an absolute steal! You get 2 highly pigmented highlighters, 1 highly pigmented contour and 5 highly pigmented blushers! They also can mix well together to create your own custom blusher! Personally, I use the orangey blusher and the light pink above it together to create a nice coral shade, perfect for the Summer! The white-ish highlighter is also one that I reach for when I want a glow on my face. Aaaaand the second colour on the top row can be used as a contour because of its brownish undertones!


Catrice Cosmetics Eyebrow Set (£5)

So I bought this when I was in Ireland 2 years ago and have been using it almost every day since! I think powder is much better for the brows in the summer months because I’d be way too nervous applying a cream/gel/pencil and it smearing down my face because of the heat! So, this 2 toned brow powder is again in my makeup bag! Can’t really remember the price of this one, but it was around the £4-£5 mark.

17 Wild Metallics Eyes WILD NUDE

Seventeen Wild Metallics Eyes WILD NUDE £3.99

I had never used cream eye shadows before so I bought this, about 2 years ago, on a whim and I am glad I did. It goes on easily and looks really professional (like you’ve spent ages doing your eyes) in a couple of sweeps.I tend to dust over some powder on top of this, after it has been applied, to set it & it will stay day to night! The Wild Nude is a brilliant colour – a metallic golden brown that looks great with very little effort , blends easily. I find this easier to apply than the Maybelline colour tattoo cream shadows. Also, this is perfect on its own and also works well as an eyeshadow base!

Big Eyes Lower Lash Big Eyes Upper Lash

Maybelline New York Big Eyes mascara  £8.99 

I’ve really started to love this product. The upper lashes (2nd image) wand creates such length on lashes (read here for mascara review & picture of lashes). Meanwhile the lower lashes brush is tiny and I would apply it to the roots of my lower lashes to produce a more open-eye finish. This is really brilliant for summer because you don’t need too much of the product to create statement eyes!

Collection EXTREME 24 hour felt tip liner

Collection Extreme 24 hour Felt Tip Liner £2.99

I didn’t like this at first. But, now I love it. Hmmm. This stays all day, there’s no doubt in that, just try not to get around your eyes wet during the day, because it will smear! I find if you put powder beneath it, this kind of prevents this from happening! But, easy to apply, perfect black liner & for £2.99 there’s not much complaining.


Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick 08 £5.49

The perfect nude. This applies so nicely and sinks in within about 10 minutes. It stays for quite a while on the lips too! If you’d like to read the full review then click here but, all I can say is, for the perfect nude, Rimmel have done it!

The Body Shop Pomegranet Lip Balm

The Body Shop Lip Balm in Pomegranate £3

So for the days where you just want a little hint of colour on your lips, the Body Shop has made the perfect thing for you! All of their tinted lip balms are so lovely and their smell/taste is to die for! I also find these quite moisturising too, so it’s a double win!

So those are my favourite Summer products! Are there any that you really love? Hope you enjoyed the post & are having a brill day!

Stephanie x

Nude Lipsticks (Drugstore)

Nude lipsticks are such gems in anyone’s makeup bag! If you don’t want to go for a statement lippy look, then it’s nice just to have an extra something on the lips! So over the past few months i’ve been experimenting with different brands and different tones of nude lippys and here are my favourite 5!


Kate Moss 08 2  Kate Moss 08

Rimmel London Kate Moss Lasting Finish – 08 £5.49

The Kate Moss lipstick range has widely loved products, both her matte and non-matte finished ones. Honestly, I wasn’t a huge fan of her matte lipstick in the shade 107, so I was skeptical picking this one up. But, this soft nude colour was a complete winner! This is the perfect for my lips! I believe it is a dupe for one of the mac lipsticks, twig. So if you’re wanting the quality, but not the hole in the pocket, then pick this one up!

Kate Moss 28 2 Kate Moss 28

Rimmel London Kate Moss Lasting Finish 28 £5.49

So this is kind of a pinkier nude. One swipe of this and you have a gorgeous pinky sheen to your lips, 2 swipes and you have a much more girly look! I’m not so sure which mac lippie this is a dupe for, but i’m almost certain it has one!

Moisture renew 2 Moisture Renew Latino

Rimmel London Moisture Renew Latino £6.49

This is a lovely deeper nude. It’s like a blushed pink? A dusky pink? I suck at describing things hahaha! Basically this applies onto the lips really nicely and leaves a hint of colour which can be built up if you like! I love the finish of all 3 rimmel lipsticks mentioned, their texture is nice, it sits on the lips lightly without drying them out and the finish of each is perfect!

Collection exclusive Juliane Juliane 2

L’oreal Paris Colour riche exclusive nudes Juliane £6.99

This is another softer nude. I feel it is a really muted pink, so it’s nice with a bit of a pinker/nude lip liner underneath. This has such a lovely smooth finish which really feels more high end! Good job, L’oreal!

High Shine Lip Crayon 2

No.7 High Shine Lip Crayon £9

So I got this in a gift package and the colour isn’t labelled on it, so i’m not sure which this is. But, this is such a lovely crayon. It has a shiny finish which wears into a velvety one. Doesn’t dry my lips out and is the perfect everyday nude.

So those are my top 5 nude lippies to date. I’d love to know which ones you like and if there are any other brands I should try out? I’m going shopping on Friday and may find myself picking up a few more!

Thanks for reading,

Stephanie x

The Eyeshadow Tag

So I have been doing a lot of posts recently in my top 5 series, so I thought it would be fun to do a tag instead today!

Oh god. I went through a phase a while ago where I was all for palettes, so no judging

I own 11 palettes, 28 singles & 2 trios.

Hmm. I like a kind of shimmered finish, but I also love the matte shadows!

Never. Didn’t really know this was a thing… But, I would take a baby wipe and clean the mirror/ around the shadows? Is that what this means?


I’m actually a huge fan of MUAs shadow products!

In the local drugstore – Boots/superdrug

£15-£20! I have obviously spent more on palettes, but that was a while ago and I now just find it really kinda stupid, I look for cheaper dupes now!

I love using Revolution’s liquid primer & also Soap & Glory’s it’s about prime primer.

I either use my finger, a flat brush tool for applying and then a fluffy blending brush to give it a nicer look! 🙂

Stephanie x

My Top 5: Bodycare & haircare

So the end is near with my ‘Top 5’ series! I thought because there isn’t much to say about haircare or skincare that I should just throw them into the same post!

So, My top 5: Haircare 



Argan Oil Shampoo £2.50

So there are many different shampoos with the latest raved about hair care ingredient- Argan oil! This is the first i’ve personally used and I love it! When I use this it makes my hair so irresistibly soft and smooth and shiny and and and!! It’s a cheap price for such a lovable product!


Lee Stafford Blow Dry Your Hair Faster £6.99

This little gem has been used every time I’m blow drying my hair for the past 3 years. I spray this onto my wet hair, then I brush through it (It also acts as a detangler) and then blow dry it. It protects your hair from up to 220 C it is amazing and I recommend it to everyone! (Also yes, I feel it down speed up your drying!)


L’Oreal Elnett Heat Protect Styling Spray Straight £5.99

This product claims to protect against heat up to 230°C while locking in a sleek and straight look for up to 3 days. I agree with the protection and sleek claim, however my hair is naturally very curly so it would be a miracle if any product could keep my hair straight for longer than a day! The smell of this isn’t too strong and the spray itself disperses the product throughout the hair nicely!


Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment £8.49

This is my favourite hair product of all time. I have purchased and repurchased this a billion times! I apply this to my roots and let it sit for up to 2 hours on my scalp! It smells incredible and leaves your hair looking so healthy and soft and shiny etc etc. I’d say this does increase your hair growth, so does what it says on the tin!


LUSH Shampoo bar £5.75+

So I like these simply because of their convenience! I have 3 different bars. They smell incredible and lather up in your hair very well. Perhaps I just need to find a better product that suits my hair better in their solid shampoo range, because there’s no denying this is a good product! This is perfect for holidays! Leaves your hair in good condition also! 🙂

My Top 5: Bodycare 


IMG_6124 IMG_6123 ikki


So here are my top 3 moisturisers. Left>Right

The Body Shop Mango Body Whip £8

This amazing scented lotion truly makes your skin soft. The body shop are always doing sales too, so you can get this at a much cheaper price!

I love blueberry & smoothie body butter £2 

When in need of a basic moisturiser, this fruity scented body butter is nice and creamy and leaves your skin nice and soft! It sinks into the skin pretty quickly too.

Garnier intensive 7 days Moisturising gel cream £3.15

This is a weird one. It comes out as a gel/cream texture! it sinks into your skin as fast as a gel does and has a fresh scent.


The Body Shop Body Butter chocolate body butter £2.50

50ml sounds like a very small amount of product, when it arrived in the post I was originally disappointed with how little you get. But, you need the tiniest amount. This is the only body butter than I have used that is literally like butter! It is solid and melts into your skin. It smells divineeeeeeee! It is very hydrating on the skin and leaves it so smooth to touch!


Soft & gentle 48 hour protection £1-3

This is my favourite of all deoderant brands. This comes in such lovely scents that linger under your arms all day! Not even a hint of sweat!

So I have 2 more posts to do, to finish off my top 5 series and that’s my last 2 eye palette favourites. So, keep an eye out for those, the should be finished soon!

Thanks for reading & if you’d like to read my other posts in this series check out:

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So thanks for reading!

Stephanie x