Everyday Work Makeup Routine!

So recently I got two new jobs, so I’ve been trying to find the ‘appropriate’ makeup for a work place. So basically I’ll be showing you what I wear to work and how I get my look! 🙂

Hope you enjoy reading, i’m always a bit weird about posting tutorials because I’m not, in any form, a professional and nor am I overly comfortable in posting pictures like this of myself… so yeah, hope you enjoy!

So I always begin my makeup routine with moisturiser. This is the most important step in your makeup routine. It is good for your skin and also creates a sort of ‘base’ for the rest of your makeup. No, your moisturiser does NOT have to be expensive. Just experiment with a few different brands that offer a moisturiser for YOUR skin type. I personally use Boots’ own brand moisturiser that sells for £1.49 and it works wonders on my skin! This is for all skin types and I find that the fresh cucumber scent is just lovely!10085480

So after I apply my moisturiser, I then dampen my Real Technique’s beauty blender under cold water. I find that if you squeeze the blender whilst the water is going through it, it will make the blender go twice the size and work so much better!

So I then choose my foundation, today I used Bourjois healthy mix foundation. I put one pump of it on the back of my hand and then dabbed the blender into it. I begin in the middle of my face and then move to my forehead and then finish on my chin!

IMG_20150718_144600641 IMG_20150718_144529005IMG_20150718_144536925 IMG_20150718_144545592

So once i’m happy enough with the finish of my foundation (honestly, for everyday I love just a natural finish – a your skin but better kinda thing) I would then use my new contour powder from the body shop. I use my Real Techniques Contour Brush to do this! I apply this to the hollow of my cheek bone. This looks quite harsh when first applied, but this brush makes it so easy to blend out to a natural finish!

IMG_20150718_144641058 IMG_20150718_144635689

Next with a little blusher brush I apply my Natural Collection Blusher. I dab only a little bit of product onto my brush because with blusher I think it is so easy to go OTT and look crazy. So it’s best to start with a little and build it up! 🙂 Blusher, I feel is so important in an everyday look because It fills your face with a lil bit of life and colour 🙂

IMG_20150718_144727191 (1)

So lastly for my face I apply loose powder. I use a large fluffy brush, from real techniques, to do this. I focus on my nose, chin and forehead because they’re the most likely to be getting oily throughout the day. Plus, I like to avoid applying powder on my cheeks because it takes away the natural glow from your skin. This means you don’t have to use a highlighter!:)

IMG_20150718_150137600 IMG_20150718_150148384_HDR

So then I move onto my eyes. I begin by applying my It’s About Prime eye primer from Soap & Glory to my eyelids. Next I sort out my brows! I use a spooli to get them into shape and then use my Catrice Cosmetics brow powder. I use the lighter colour to fill my brows in!

IMG_20150718_144833471 (1)  IMG_20150718_145015682IMG_20150718_145520356


So Next up are the eyes! I use a small little stippling brush to apply a light colour from my Revolution palette all over my lids. This just evens out the colour of my lids and kind of ‘pulls the whole look together’ whilst also setting the primer! After I’m happy with the base, I then apply a little bit of my favourite gray eyeshadow, from Catrice Cosmetics, to the crease of my eye. I use a small fluffy blending brush to do this.

IMG_20150718_145229512 IMG_20150718_145316139 IMG_20150718_150336654 IMG_20150718_150350941

After this I use my Eyeko cosmetics pen eyeliner in the brown shade and line my upper lids. I do a very close-to-the-lash liner for this look – No flicks or anything! Once this is finished, I curl my lashes and then apply a thin coating of mascara. Instead of using my Maybelline ‘Big Eyes’ mascara (a big fave of mine) I use a more natural looking mascara called ‘great lash’ again, by maybelline. I use the waterproof version to avoid any awkward panda eyes throughout the day!

IMG_20150718_145503754 IMG_20150718_145854136 IMG_20150718_145808561

To finish the eye look off, I use my maybelline brown eyeliner on the outer corner of my waterline and blend it in using my finger. I also like to use my pale eye pencil from Seventeen in my inner corner to open up my eyes!

IMG_20150718_145758695IMG_20150718_145652164 (1)

To finish off the whole look I moisturise my lips and then apply a lipstick from the body shop on my lips.

IMG_20150718_150413270 IMG_20150718_150520777

annnnd here’s the final look:


So I hope you enjoyed reading and here are a few links to the products that were used if you’d like to read more about them!

Shopping Haul

Catrice Eyeshadow

Loose Powder


Thanks for reading! 🙂 Let me know what you think of this tutorial… should I do more?

Stephanie x


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