Rimmel London Mascara Mess!

So here’s me, in the local chemist, before work and I see a basket saying ‘SALE’. So obviously I rush over to said basket! It was filled with Rimmel products. This includes nail polishes, lip glosses and mascaras. So, because I haven’t previously tried many rimmel products, I couldn’t help but pick a few things up. I picked up 2 glosses and 2 mascaras – I’ll tell you about the lipglosses in another post. So, What did I pick up? retro glam

I picked up the Retro Glam mascara for like £3 – It is usually priced at £6.99.

Rimmel describes this product as…

The 60s are back full swing with a thicker, fuller, wide-eyed look! A wide-eyed false lash look, fanned out volume with NO clumps!


A wide-eyed false lash look

Fanned out volume. No clumps

Lashes Up, out and over the top

There is no denying that this ‘widens’ your eyes. It definitely leaves a curl in your lashes whilst adding quite some length to them too. But, this is pretty clumpy when applying, but like any other mascara, this is easy to fix – just wiggle your brush on your lashes to get rid of the clumps. So let’s talk about the product itself!


The applicator is a normal wand with a pinch in the middle. This does help add a good curl in your lashes. I much prefer the formula of this mascara in comparison to the scandaleyes lycra flex. Here is how this mascara looks:

glam 2 glam 3

Next up is the Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Lycra Flex mascara. Honestly, I don’t like this. The product itself is too wet and takes forever to dry and just makes you look like a killer panda! That’s basically the only reason why I don’t like it. But, if the product itself isn’t good, then that kinda ruins the whole thing. The applicator is actually ok, so it’s a shame that the liquidy part is so crap. I got this for £3 and it is usually £6.99.

So, here are some pictures:

scandal scandal mascara

Normal styled applicator in an annoyingly big tube.

scandal 2 scandal 3

Yes my lashes look long, but the liquid is crap, so farewell scandaleyes.

 So, what do you think of the rimmel mascaras? In the past I owned 2 different ones and really liked 1 and was so-so on the other. So pretty much I am 50/50 on this brand’s mascaras.

Hope you enjoyed reading! 🙂

Stephanie x


6 thoughts on “Rimmel London Mascara Mess!

  1. I’ve heard lots of great things about lash sensational by maybelline so if you want a mascara then give that one a go 🙂 I also haven’t tried many Rimmel products. Although, I have tested the Kate Moss lipsticks and they are lovely and matte. Smell amazing too!

      • Oh yeah! I have heard lots about one particular foundation by them from other beauty bloggers. I’ll keep this in mind when I next go shopping. Thanks 🙂

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