Quick Tip!

So this isn’t going to be a long post, but definitely a helpful one!
In January I did work placement at a makeup artist’s shop. (Awful experience, but let’s skip that!!) I learnt this tip there.
Basically, when you are in a rush and you see your favourite makeup brush is dirty, you don’t need to panic! You don’t need to do the whole washing-your-brush routine with the warm, soapy water! Basically what you need is:
-a baby wipe
-your dirty makeup brushes
-a dry towel
So basically you get your clean makeup wipe/ baby wipe and just swirl your brush over it. Do this until no more product is coming off! Next just lightly swirl your clean brush on the dry towel until you’re happy with how dry the brush is. Annnnd voilà! Clean brush in a minute!! Obviously this shouldn’t be the routine you do all the time, just a quick-fix!:)
Hope this helped!:)




Stephanie x


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