Quick Tip #2

So after getting the positive feedback on my last ‘Quick Tip’ post (read here) I’ve decided to do another! Who knows – might even make it a regular thing!

So, the topic of this tip? BROWS.

Brows are so important. They complete any makeup look. I honestly think, you could get your whole face done and do it all so carefully etc, but you can look incomplete and almost weird if you forget about your brows!

I’ve never been happy with my brows – I have horrendous caterpillars!! But, recently I have shaped them into a way that I’m quite pleased with!

So, anyway this is supposed to be a quick tip, so I will stop with the long intro!

BASICALLY, if you need to reshape your brows, here’s what I recommend doing!:

  1. Let your brows grow out – this means stay away from the tweezers for about 3-4 weeks.
  2. Once they are really messy, get your brow powder & angled brush and create the shape you would like by drawing over your brows.
  3. Now it’s the sore part – pluck all those pesky stray hairs that aren’t in the shape you created with the powder. Stay well away from whatever has been covered by the colour.
  4. You should now have completed your brows! A nice clean finish is brilliant, but some of us have horrendously long brow hairs. If this bothers you, what you need next is to get your baby wipe and wipe off what you just drew on. You then get a spooli and brush the brow hairs up. Get a pair of scissors (ones that you have control over so the smaller the better!) This part is going to be hard to explain, so i’ll have to try my best. The top of your brows (like where you want the top of the brows to be naturally – not where the top of them brushed up(???) will be the part that you snip. This will take away the excess length and will keep them tidy. This step is very risky, so if you have a shaky hand or are even too nervous, i’d say skip it!

So if you are confused about any of these steps don’t be afraid to ask! Hope i’ve helped and here are a few pictures of my brows after I shaped them today! Please note how difficult it is to keep both your eyebrows level when taking a photo?!!

IMG-20150729-WA0005 lldld


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