Lip Shopping

I can’t help but try and find ‘the perfect’ of each makeup product. I’ve found the perfect mascara, the perfect eyeliner, i’ve found the perfect contour and i’ve found the perfect brow powder. So, on Thursday I made it my goal to find the perfect nude lipstick for my skintone.


So I bought 5 lip colours and 3 balms.


I’ll start with the goods: The Malibu Lip Balms are so nourishing for my lips. They make them so smooth. The flavours aren’t much to be honest, but that might just be that I can’t taste them or smell them properly as I have a cold! I bought this 3 pack from a bargain shop for like £1.50 & i’m so happy I did!

IMG_6864 IMG_6861

Next up is Maybelline’s colour sensational lipstick in the shade 710 sultry sand

This sells at boots for £6.99. I originally thought that this was going to make me look like a zombie looking really ill. I apply a little bit of this onto my lips and it gives just the perfect amount of colour. This just completes a natural look off! I love the packaging of this and the way it feels on my lips – nice & light/ moisturising.

IMG_6857 IMG_6858 IMG_6859

w7 Lip Twister in PINK 

w7 is a smaller brand that i’ve liked previously, so when I saw this lip liner in a nice nude shade I was keen to see if it was actually a nice nude liner!! 100% happy with this! This is my lips but better. It matches my lip colour and fills in my icky lip scar! This costed me about £1.99. It glides onto the lips smoothly and so far has lasted well on the lips!

kjlkj kjklj IMG_6867

Beauty UK lip lust in no.3 date night 

This is the best lip product that I have ever bought. It was £1. Let’s just read that again and absorb the information. It was £1. This has a spongey applicator and you squeeze the tube and a bit of colour and gloss comes out. I had glosses with a passion. They’re ALWAYS too sticky or too pigmented or whatever…. This? This is perfect. This, to me, feels as light as vaseline on the lips. The shade is a perfect neutral colour for my lips so I will 100% be wearing this everyday!

IMG_6874 IMG_6875 IMG_6872 IMG_6871

Next up are 2 MUA products. the Power Pout Acrylic in the shade unwrapped 

which sells for £3. I applied this normally, like how I would any other lip product, and this was horrible! Far too thick, far too pigmented and far too cakey! But, I find that when I am wearing lipbalm underneath it and dab 1 or 2 dots of the product onto my lips and blend it in with the lip balm using my finger. This makes it look ok – i’m not fussed, but I do try and find a plus side to all products I buy as I hate waste!

IMG_6877 IMG_6876

Lastly is the lipstick in ‘barely there‘. Do not buy this. This is disgusting. This is thick and chalky and pale and goes into all the fine lines in your lips. Do not buy this. For £1 it’s not too much of a miss, but I am very disappointed in MUA as I usually love their products!

So those are all my new lippies! Any that you recommend I try? If so i’d love to hear about them!

Sorry for the lack of posts, I swear i’ll try to do more!

Stephanie x

Beginner’s Makeup Bag

Hi there beauties! Hope you are all having a great week! (I’m not, i’m back to school!!) Recently I got a little comment from another blogger about what would be suitable for a first makeup bag! I’ve been thinking this through for the past few days, thinking about what products I first had and what products I love using now! I figured i’ll do two sides to this post – a cheaper and slightly more expensive option for the majority of products. Obviously I don’t think that everyone should be wearing a full face of makeup everyday, you can all pick and choose which you would like to include in your makeup bag! Everyday is a different day and you can change up your looks accordingly! I’m not going to go on a big rant about how you are beautiful both with and without makeup, because who actually wants to read that?

So, on with the post! My Beginner’s Makeup Bag:


IMG_6772 IMG_6773

I highly recommend the Zoella makeup bag range. They are the perfect size for all o your makeup goodies! She has a few different designs selling for £7.

For your FACE:


w7 Prime Magic £4 && Benefit the POREfessional £24.50

Prime Magic is my favourite primer of all time. A tiny amount applied on your face gives your foundation such a smooth application and makes sure that it stays on all day. I had a tester size of the porefessional and it was good, but, I certainly wouldn’t spend any more than £4 on a primer now!!


True Match £9.99 &&& Rimmel Match Perfection £7.99

The true match foundation has such a lovely feeling on your skin. It is a thin, liquidy formula that blends in so perfectly. This also comes in a huge range of tones and shades. The Match Perfection foundation is often on sale for about a fiver. This has ore of a dewy finish on the skin. This is medium coverage that gives your skin such a natural glow.


Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer £10 &&& Benefit Boi-ing concealer £17.50

The soap & glory concealer is actually the best one that I have used. The consistency is so creamy. There are two shades – one for red patches and one for under eye circles. There is also a translucent powder to set the concealers. These are the best in the drugstore! Meanwhile there’s the Boi-ing concealer which is thick and creamy. It’s a good one too, but I honestly prefer the soap & glory one for my skin type.


Collection Sheer Loose Powder £2.99 &&& Maybelline Matte Maker £3.99

Two amazing powders. The collection one is perfect for paler skin and it sets foundation perfectly without leaving you with a ‘cakey’ finish. The Miracle Matte Maker is the best pressed powder i have ever used. I have sworn off all other powders and they just ended up looking chalky on my skin. This is perfect though.


Natural Collection Blushers £1.99 &&& Soap & Glory Love at First Blush £11

Natural Collection do amazing blushers. They range from light pinks to medium-dark reds. The pigmentation is fantastic and it applies so so smoothly too. Meanwhile you will never feel more glowey than when you are wearing the Soap & Glory Love at First Blush. This is such a lovely neutral pink with the most gorgeous amount of shimmer.


The Body Shop Honey Bronze £13 &&& Soap & Glory Solar Powder £11

Yes there might not be much of a comparison in price between these 2, but I can honestly say they are the best 2 I have ever used. They are both so incredibly smooth The Body Shop is all one matte colour which is perfect for paler skin to do contouring. Meanwhile the Solar Powder is half matte contour powder and half highlighter. The highlighter is beautiful also as it is so subtle!


Sleek Face Form £9.99

This is the only highlighter that I recommend to you. This is so lovely and it gives your skin such a beautiful, elegant glow. I wear this everyday and love the ‘life’ that it brings to my cheeks!


Eco Tools Powder Brush £9.99 && Real Techniques Blusher Brush & Contour brush £9.99

These are all fantastic brushes. I do recommend the Real Techniques Powder brush as well, as a more expensive option at £12.99. Each of these apply and blend in the products so perfectly.

For your EYES::


Mac Paint Pot Chrome Angel £16 && S&G It’s About Prime £4

So the mac product is a base whilst the S&G product is a primer. They are both paler shades, I much prefer this in bases as it helps the eyeshadow colours ‘pop’. They both make your eyeshadow last all day and they both apply very easily.


Revolution Flawless Matte £8>> MUA undress me too £4 && w7 In The Nude £5.99

Revolution, without a doubt, are THE best drugstore makeup brand for eyeshadows. They are so creamy, so highly pigmented and just blend in perfectly. The MUA palette above is the perfect dupe for Urban Decay’s Naked 2 palette. It has 12 brilliant shades for any look! The w7 palette is a dupe for the U.D Naked 3 palette. I love this palette for brown eyes! Such a brilliant one!


MUA E3 blending brush £1.95 && No.7 Blending & Contour Brush £8

Both of these brushes are amazing. They both blend in your eyeshadows so perfectly. I recommend them both. The no.7 brush has slightly looser bristles, meaning that it is a slightly softer application on your lids.


Maybelline Colour Tattoo Permanent Taupe £4.99 && Collection Eye Brow Kit £3.99&& Maybelline Brow Drama £4.99

So i you have brunette or blonde hair the colour tattoo is perfect for your brows. Not only does it fill them in, but it sets them in place too. The collection brow kit is perfect as it has 3 shades to use and also a handy clear brow gel! Lastly the brow drama is brilliant. Mine is tinted, so it is perfect for either filling your brows in or just setting them!


Seventeen Perk & Paint £3.99 && Collection Kohl Eyeliner £1.99

These are both brilliantly priced liners, I actually recommend them both! The collection one, once applied doesn’t budge all day! The seventeen one is the same. It also creates the perfect smokey liner look too!


Eyeko Liquid Liner £15 && Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner £5.99

These both do the same job. Very easy application – especially for beginners. I really love the tip of the eyeko pen as it helps to create such a nice flick to my liner. The Maybelline liner is very pigmented and also stays on all day – however, it isn’t waterproof.


L’oreal Super Liner (Lacquer) £6.49 && Collection Fast Stroke £1.99

If you would prefer to use liquid liners then these are the 2 I think you should try! The L’oreal liner has such a slim applicator, making it so easy to apply a perfect, thin line. It stays all day and is very pigmented. I also love the Collection liner. It stays on all day also, but the applicator is a bit thicker so it can be easier – or harder to used depending on your application method!


Mac Edge to Edge £12.50  && Rimmel East End Snob £3.99

Both of these are wonderful nude liners. I honestly do prefer the mac one as it stays on my lips all day and matches my lip colour perfectly, but the east end snob is a lovely nude colour that is very creamy to apply!


Kate Moss lipstick 08 £5.49 && Julianne L’oreal £6.99

Both of these are lovely creamy nude lipsticks. The Kate Moss one has more of a mauve/brown undertone whilst the Julianne one is slightly more pink. I think the smell of Julianne lipstick is a bit strong and you mightn’t like it, but the colour is so lovely!

So thanks to iamjustnicole for inspiring me to do this post!

Hope you enjoyed reading

Stephanie x