Autumnal LOTD

So 2 posts in a row, isn’t that crazy?! (for me yes!) Here’s a few pictures of me getting ready for a nice lil autumny day out! If you’d like to know any of the products just ask! 🙂

IMG_20151023_135046346 angle IMG_7121 IMG_7122

IMG_7123 So to the left are my favourite Autumn products! I love dusky purples this time of year!

Hope you’re having a fab day! 🙂 x


4 thoughts on “Autumnal LOTD

    • Hi! Thanks so much! 🙂 The eyeshadow is a very unknown brand, I bought it from a local makeup artist? It’s shade ‘439’ and is called ‘special cosmetics bv’ But i’, not overly sure if you’d be able to buy this online? My camera is Canon, 1100D! I love my camera! 🙂 (So difficult for selfies though!) and haha thanks, i’m happy with the lipstick too! 🙂 x

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