I’m back

So I feel as though my apologies  are just constant on wordpress at this stage. So, I’ll just brush it aside that I haven’t posted (or been posting) in donkeys. My bad. But, I’m back (FOR NOW) and I am the best i’ve been in ages! I have a feeling this is going to be a ramble post… my bad!

Do you ever get those really long phases of just being meh. Then you get out of that state and realise how fantastic everything is?! I am at the fantastic stage! It’s Autumn in Northern Ireland and I loooove the Autumn! This time next week i’m in Scotland visiting my best friend! So i’ll be packing my suitcase for Scotland over the next few days and might do a little post on it?  Tomorrow i am going to see paranormal activity 6 in the cinema (better be good!) What i’m trying to say,before i start listing all the brilliant things going on, is that there is so much going on and it’s great!

I had my first pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks a fortnight ago and it was v v nice, but have you tried the chai tea latte?! It is like angels in a cup! I’ll be looking out for some ways you can make it at home & if I can actually find something even half as nice I will 100% share it with you beauties!

I am so excited for hallowe’en to see my wonderful family and to dress up (without actually having to dress up is that ok?) After hallowe’en there are a bunch of parties happening which i’m excited for also! As well as parties there’s my school formal that i’ll be getting ready for with my friendies! Expect billions of photos! and maybe some prom/formal makeup look posts?

I’m currently quite sick sick sick with tonsillitis after a bit of a crazy night out… But it’s day  6 with it and the pain is almost gone… scary big red tonsils though?! I’ve gotten past the ‘its sore to do everything wehhh’ stage! I’m so terrible when sick!

I realise that this post is a bit of a mess.. kind of me just telling you all about what’s been going on? In terms of beauty i’ve been loving Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation I love the yellow toned formulation for cancelling out my redness and it is just such a lovely medium coverage! For contouring i’ve been loving both Sleek and The Body Shop‘s contour powders. I’ve been using them both as a kind of gradual contour. I’ll explain this in a seperate post because i’ve been really loving this new technique! I’ve also found a new way to apply mascara which makes my lashes look unreal! Yes, an updated makeup tutorial is on my to-do list!

So whilst on the topic of makeup,  on Saturday i’m going on a ‘date'(?!) What evennn. I don’t even know what a date is hahaha! Anyway, I might do a wee ‘look of the day’ post for that (If you like.. i don’t mind..!) I did a really nice purple gray-shadow look last week which I really liked, might do that again. Who knows (I don’t!) I suppose you can’t wear lipstick on a date? Can you? I have no idea. We’ll see.

What else is new? Oh, have I mentioned that I cut a fringe earlier this month yet?! It was a full fringey fringe at the start but now it’s a side fringey! I’m 100% clueless when it comes to hair.. Just leave it down and curly, but i’ve been doing a few different things with it this month, which is so not like me! I could do a few hair blogs maybe.. I don’t know, they’re really not my forte!

In other news, Marianas Trench, my fave fave band released their new album today, hence me being up at 04:00 blogging! I’m listening to it right now and I loveeee it. I don’t know what more I can say?! Check it out! Marianas Trench; Astoria!

I don’t know what else there is to say! Hope to be posting soon! Expect a few makeup posts! (I did mention a few posts ago that I’d maybe be doing more of these casual posts though… do you hate it?!!?!) Anyway, I digress. Hope you’re all having a wonderful Autumn/fall!

So here’s a few pics of this month :*

steffred lipsss ciara and steff

With love,

Stephanie! xx


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