Let’s Talk – Highlighter

2015 was the year of contouring. Sharp cheekbones, strong jawlines and a slim, long nose. 2016 is apparently the year of highlighting! As far as makeup trends, I think highlighting is a great one! The perfect way to add the most beautiful glow is with a powder/cream/liquid highlighter.

Benefit have the perfect highlighter, ‘High Beam‘, however the price isn’t so perfect. At a wallet-denting £19.50 it’s not a budget-friendly product. Luckily, I found the perfect dupe for this!

The brand Technic sells for £3! Amazing! IMG_7437

At first I didn’t really like it as I found it difficult to apply. I originally applied it straight on my my face using the brush applicator. I would then blend it in using my fingertips/ a pointed brush. This made it look streaky.

There’s nothing I hate more though than throwing a product out. So, I now put it on my hand, rub it in a bit, and then apply it to my cheeks. A much more subtle finish!

Annnnd that’s it! Have you got any highlighters that you love? I love to use the sleek’s contour kit palette as well as this liquid highlighter! It gives a more subtle glow! I’d love to hear about what you’re loving! 🙂

Thanks for reading,

Stephanie x


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