Soap & Glory Lipsticks

Soap & Glory are a beauty brand that have been about since 2006. They quickly grew from just a bath and body company to also include makeup to their amazing collection. When shopping in Boots yesterday, I saw that they were currently selling all S&G products for buy-one-get-the-next-half-off to celebrate their 10th year in the shops.

As I have tried a good few of their products, and loved the majority, I decided to finally use my Boots points to buy a few more of their luxurious items! As they had just released new lipsticks, and I already loved the 3 that I have from S&G, I decided to pick 4 more up.

There are 3 new formulations to these ‘Sexy Mother Pucker’ lipsticks – Matte, Satin and Sheer. Along with this the packaging is now categorised into the 3 different shade ranges – Nudes, Pinks and  Reds – very cute. Also, 18 new shades – 6 in each category.

So after standing at the Soap & Glory stand, swatching each of the beautiful new shades for a considerable amount of time, I had chosen the 4 that I felt suited me the most. I then brought them home & thought i’d do a review/swatch/first impressions kinda thing on all Soap & Glory lipsticks that i’ve bought over the years. It’s crazy that I have got each of the different formulas that they have sold also, so I will be able to compare them and see if there are any which I prefer!


So firstly I have to comment on the packaging. I love each of the different styles that they have had. The first product that was created is the lipstick in the middle. This packaging is matte, which I feel is quite unique to lipsticks – in the drugstore anyway. The next range to be introduced are the 2 lipsticks closest to the front. This shiny black with the soft pink writing is so nice and feels very high-end also. Lastly their new lipsticks (the red, gold and pink) are also very high-end feeling, and will stand out in the makeup drawer as their packaging matches their shade – genius!


The lipsticks themselves are also amazing. (Can you tell I like nude shades?) There are so many your-lips-but-better shades available from this brand, which I don’t feel is as common in more affordable makeup brands. On the lipstick itself there is ‘S&G’ engraved onto the stick, which gives it such a good finish.


Left>Right: Wine not, Pom Pom, Pommie Girl, Berry Kissable, The Missing Pink, Naked Beige & Cinnamon Beige 

Each of these swatch amazingly. They are all so pigmented and are very comfortable to wear on the lips! I haven’t got any of their new sheer lipsticks, however I feel that ‘The Missing Pink‘ is relatively lightweight/sheer.


  • Naked Beige – Twig; Mac
  • The Missing Pink – One from YSL (Can’t remember which though!)
  • Cinnamon Beige – Velvet Teddy, Mac

-If you know of anymore, don’t hesitate to comment below!

So, lastly, these lipsticks sell at £9 each. I know this seems quite expensive for a ‘drugstore’ brand, but these are honestly the best of the best. With a luxury-type finish to the packaging and the amazing pigmentation and comfortable wear that you get with these I feel it is definitely worth a splurge. Soap & Glory often do 3 for 2 also, so just keep your eye open for such deals! I’d say you get 3-4 hours wear out of these and then reapply. In contrast to the majority of Mac’s lipsticks, especially their matte formula, these sit really comfortably on your lips.

Hope you enjoyed this post & I’d love to know what you think about the lipstick range from Soap & Glory!

Stephanie x


4 thoughts on “Soap & Glory Lipsticks

  1. Great selection of shades, I’m yet to try any lipsticks from Soap & Glory – will definitely be checking them out next time I’m in Boots after reading your post though.
    Lucie xo |

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