How I do my Brows


As the importance of having our brows on fleek is a big thing today, I thought i’d show you how I do mine! I love reading/watching tutorials on makeup looks. It’s so interesting to see what people use and how they use it. I feel that with brows everyone has their own way of filling them in/shaping them in a way that they like. So, here’s my way!


I’ll start by showing what my brows look like undone… No judging…  Please excuse the murder-eyes, if I smile or whatever my brows move about and don’t look the same. Also, I left one undone and one finished just so you can see the difference through each step. Should also mention that i’m typing this literally as I do it, so that I don’t miss out any steps. Ah to be a dedicated blogger 😉 Obviously it’s the left brow which hasn’t been done lol. 



SO. I start by using a flat tipped brush into the lighter shade of my Freedom duo brow powder in soft brownI apply this to my whole brow – just kinda fill it all in. I follow the natural shape of my brows when doing this. It’s ok if this is a bit messy at this point, we fix that later, just roll with me here! I go over the brows a good few times, topping the brush up with product each time until they look less sparse.


So after this I go with the darker shade. I focus this on the 2nd half of my brow. This gives the brows more definition, emphasising the desired shape. I then kinda fill in the first section of the brow with this darker shade. Not as much as I did with the 2nd half, but a little to give it a nice bit of definition.IMG_9259

SO, as you can see in the picture it is q a bit thicker in comparison to the other brow. To neaten it up I use my face wipe and follow the shape of the brow, removing whatever excess I have.

Hopefully you can see the difference that made. ANYWAY, next I use my spooli.. spooly .. spouli … the little mascara wand without product on it… you know what i’m talking about! so yes, I run this through the brow to take off any excess product sitting in the brow and also to blend it together. I do this using little brushing strokes, not just one long one as that would displace the hairs.


After this I then go in with a cream concealer. This particular one is by a brand called ‘Special Cosmetics‘ in Light 2. I bought this in a makeup artist’s shop… so I’m not really sure where it is sold, but any pale concealer would do. With this I use a small brush and add a small amount – as it is so highly pigmented. I apply this to my wrist, to keep the product warm, as it works better when warm. Next I get a small amount on the brush and put this on the first part of my brow, as seen below. I blend this in with my warm index finger, quickly before it sets.


Next I use the same concealer and put it below the arch, as seen below. Again I need to blend this in before it sets.IMG_9265

FINALLY I set this with my Benefit ‘Gimme Brow’. I do this by scraping excess product on the side of the tube and carefully brush this through my brows, making sure the colour and gel is setting them in place and filling in any patchy areas.

I’ve never really gotten along with brow pencils, I always found them to be too waxy and almost clump in my brows. So I have just stuck with shadows.

Hope you enjoyed this post & maybe even found it helpful!

Steff x


4 thoughts on “How I do my Brows

  1. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    thi is beautiful! i love how natural it still is 🙂
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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