MUA Nail polish haul & review

MUA have relaunched their nail polishes (Not actually sure when this was done) and first thing to be said is that they look shockingly similar to Essie’s well known and loved nail polishes. So, I suppose when it comes to reviewing nail polishes there are 4 main points that people are interested in: The Brush, The consistency, How much it costs and how long does it last before chippingSo I’ve been trying each of these polishes out for the past couple of weeks and think I can give you a full review!


So, what colours did I get?

  • Ocean Blue    -Blue
  • Frozen Yoghurt   -Purple
  • Truffle Cream     -Pink
  • Ameretto Crush   -Beige 
  • Top Clear Coat

I paid 50p each for these as Superdrug were doing a deal, selling MUA products for half price at the time. They typically are sold for £1. 

I love the colours that I chose. The Frozen Yoghurt, Truffle Cream and Ameretto Crush all have a lovely soft tone to it whilst the Ocean Blue is a gorgeous true blue.


So i’ll start by talking about the brush. It is quite a slim brush, but it picks up just the right amount of product. I scrape one side of the brush and then use the other side to paint my nail. 2 swipes on the nail and the perfect amount is on the nail.

The Consistency of this product is very creamy. I find that with one coat it is enough, but with 2 coats it would be extremely pigmented and a completely opaque finish. This doesn’t take long to dry either. I’d say with one coat it is completely dry within a minute. The colours match how they look in the bottle also.

The last point is the chipping. As a person who doesn’t overly care about doing things gently so as to not ruin their polish, I have to say the longevity of this isn’t too bad. I would wear this with a topcoat from the brand Essence. It lasts about 2-3 days before chipping. Again, not too bad, as i’ve never found a nailpolish that doesn’t chip within that time frame.

-On a seperate note, the clear nail polish I haven’t made much use out of yet as I lost it for a bit… But presumably it’s got the same longevity as the coloured ones.

I’d say that this is definitely a product to pick up, especially as it is only £1. It’s a good quality for such a low price and it has such a lovely shade selection.

Have you tried any MUA nail polishes? What did you think of them? Comment below. 🙂

Thanks for reading,

Steff x




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