Feelin’ Dandy – Review

So I bought Lip and Cheek kit from a Benefit stall when I was flying to Liverpool, back in February. This usually sells for £25.50, but I got this reduced as it was in Duty Free – lost the receipt, so no idea for how much I got it for. So what do you get in this little box of goods? I will label them below along with their full-sized price.

Posie tint cheek and lip tint £24.50

High Beam highlighter £24.50

Dandelion blusher£23.50

Dandelion Lipgloss £14.50

You can get each of these as travel sized items except for the blusher.

So, What do I think of the products? I’m in love with only half of this box of goodies.

The Lipgloss is amazing, my favourite in the world. I love the grapefruit flavour, the subtle shimmery pink colour and the non-sticky formula. I’m just in love with this and will definitely be purchasing the full sized product once this is finished.


I’m also in love with the highlighter. I love to dab this onto the high points of my cheeks, on the tip of my nose and anywhere else I feel needs a little shimmer. This is a really gentle highlighter, but is easy to intensify. I can wear this underneath my foundation for a really subtle natural glow, or can put it over for a more intense look. I feel it blends easiest using a damp beauty blender – but what doesn’t?


It would be untrue for me to say that I dislike the blusher, it’s just that I don’t really reach for it. It’s probably just because it’s in this big box that doesn’t really have a place on my dressing table. I’ll leave it out and try to make more use of it, you’ll probably see this in a favourite post soon! (Is the swatch closest to the left)


Lastly is the posie tint. This is one that I can almost definitely say that i’m not a fan of. It’s a neon pink shade and is really liquidy.. I feel like it blends into nothing really. I don’t like this on my lips and i’ve only used it once or twice on my cheeks. I’ll try it out more in days to come and maybe give an update on both this and the blusher.


I’ll lastly throw in a wee comment abouth the brush that you get in this box. I like to use this for on-the-go contour as it is the perfect shape. It’s kinda similar to the Nars (?) contour stick that everyone is losing their chill over, even though it costs like £30+?

So I hope you enjoyed this post. Have you tried any Benefit products? If you have, which ones and did you like them? I’d love to know what’s worth the money and what’s not!

Thanks for reading,

Steff x





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