Brow Pomade: How to

So, as promised in a previous post, I will be doing a picture tutorial showing how I do my brows using a pomade by the brand Makeup Freedom.

This has a reasonably try texture, which in a way makes it easier to use. I begin by getting some product on my brush and wiping it on the lid of the glass tub.

As you can see, the left brow isn’t filled in and the right one is. SO. You can see the product being used in the second picture. I dab my brush with this until happy that I have enough product on it. I then go on to fill in the 2nd half of my brows. I do this so that the most amount of product is on the second half. It will create a very subtle gradient from the start to the end of my brows. I continue, making my arch slightly darker and feathering the product lightly though the start of my brow. Looking at it now they look completely different… I swear, it’s the angle of the camera lol.  This is seen in steps below:

I recommend using a lighter hand with this brow pomade. It’s much easier to intensify the colour than it is to take it off neatly without ruining the rest of your makeup. Perfect for a statement brow, which is what I usually would use this for. Which is weird because I tried to go for a more natural look here. I’d say powder is easier for a natural look and this is perfect for a statement one. A setting gel isn’t needed with this.

Hope you enjoyed reading this! Have you tried any brow pomades? What was the brand and did you like it? I’d love to hear about more brands that do products like this!

Steff x


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