My top 3 Lipsticks: Reds & Nudes


So I was thinking about doing a post about all of my lipsticks – swatches and reviews. But then, halfway through I realised that there isn’t much point talking about a ton of products that I think are just meh. So i’ve decided, instead of showing you all of my lipsticks, i’ll show you my best ones. There are 3 main colours for lipsticks – red, nude and pink. I only really have one pink that I wear, so I will just talk about my reds and nudes!

As we’re finishing off Summer and going into Autumn it’s the perfect time of year to be rocking the nudes and reds anyway, so my lipsticks are just perfect for now! (Not as if I don’t wear these in Summer, but hey.) I’ll start off with my reds:


If there’s one makeup brand that have completely nailed the reds, it’s Mac. My favourites from this brand, shown above are ‘DIVA‘ and ‘STUDDED KISS‘. The liquid lippy in the middle is ‘RED-VOLUTION‘ from Bourjois.

L>R Diva, Studded kiss, Red-volution.

So, i’ll start with the 2 from Mac. Diva is a beautiful burgundy red colour. It is a brilliant vampy look and is perfect for the colder months. I find this dries matte, but doesn’t go crackly on my lips. perfectttt! Studded Kiss is described as a “dark oxblood red [with a Retro Matte finish]. This is more of a red colour, in comparison to diva. I find that this doesn’t dry to the same kind of matte finish as Diva – I’ve never heard of a ‘retro matte’ finish before? But it does stay on the lips all day and feels a bit more comfortable to wear. These both cost £15.50. 

Lastly is my new favourite from Bourjois. Their velvet matte lip creams are all angels to me. They are so comfortable to wear on the lips and last so long! I just swipe this on in the morning and it requires barely any touch-ups throughout the day.The shade Red-volution is my favourite red liquid lippe. It is a true-red shade and is blue-toned, so helps brighten your smile! Really gorgeous product, for £9.99.


Next up are my nudes. I love brown-nudes. I’m not really a pinky-nude kinda gal. Recently lots of drugstore brands have been coming out with these brown-nudes which I am so pleased about! Everything was a soft pink and it was so difficult to find affordable nudes! My favourite 3 are Bourjois COOL BROWN, MUA FAWN FANCY & Soap & Glory CINNAMON BEIGE.






I’ll start with the Bourjois Cool Brown. This is so easy to wear. It dries to a matte nude and stays put all day … like it doesn’t start to crack off or anything. It is the perfect nude for me and this is my absolute favourite of the 3. It is £9.99. After this is the MUA Fawn Fancy. This is my favourite matte nude. It is a simple, mauveish shade, so easy to apply and is just gorgeous on the lips. This does wear off, but doesn’t go patchy. Easy to reapply and is a creamy-matte finish/isn’t drying. This is ridiculous as it is only £1. I should comment on the fact that it is quite a sheer colour though, so 2+ coats are necessary to get a bit of colour. And lastly is Soap & Glory’s Cinnamon Beige. This is £9. The packaging of this is really nice and feels high-end. It’s a really nice smooth, moisturising formula that doesn’t clingy to dry skin on the lips despite it being a matte shade. It’s a cool-toned brown.

So I hope you enjoyed this quick post! What are you favourite lipstick brands? Comment below!

Thanks for reading,

Steff x



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