L’oreal Makeup – I went shopping!

So today I was in Boots. As per usual, I said I wouldn’t be buying anything… until the sculpting palette caught my eye. And of course, this was on 3 for 2, so it would be a waste for me to buy it and not get another 2 items…



So, First up I picked the Infalliable Sculpt Contour Palette. I was surprised when I opened it up and it turned out to be a cream contour/highlight, as when I tried the sample I could almost swear that it was a powder. I’ve only had experience with the Collection cream contour palette, which I was disappointed with. But, L’oreal seems to be hitting the nail on the head with this one! This is just a first impressions post… as I bought the items about an hour and a half ago! But both the highlighter and bronzer are both so creamy and easy to blend. I got this in the lightest shade. They are both matte products. I think the highlighter may be replacing my more expensive light and waxy concealer, as it is so much easier to blend in and still gives me the same highlighting effect. As for the contour/bronzing half, it is gorgeous. It is the perfect ashy contour colour. Today I applied this with my fingers and blended it in using them also. I look forward to creating subtle sculpted cheekbones with this product. Personally I much prefer subtle contour to a darker, bolder one and this ticks that box. Who knows, you might see this in my next August favourites post! This duo costs £9.99. I will mention though, there is a little booklet of how to contour inside the palette. It is so bizarre as it takes up like a third of the space? C’mon L’oreal.. kinda misleading packaging.


Next up I picked up the brow pencil in the brunette shade. This, so far, seems to be easy to work with. I got perfect application with my right brow, but then leaned too heavily on my left, so had to brush it out to get the same look as my right one. But, this kinda showed that you can achieve a nice, natural brow, or a more bold brow, depending on how heavy you lean. It was easy to do the feathering technique at the start of the brow, gradually getting heavier to leave a gradually darkening brow. This costs £4.99. On the other end of this product is a wax to set the brows in place. I kind of ran this through the top and bottom of my brow, as I was a bit cautious of it blending my hair-like brush strokes together to leave a block-brow… if you know what I mean? But I will experiment more with this. By far this is the best brow pencil that I have used though. Not too waxy, not too pigmented and easy to use. Also, there is a handy brow brush on the lid.


Lastly I couldn’t help but try out the much-raved about eyeliner. This beauty costs £6.99. This is the Super liner, in black. The nib of this is flexible but not flimsy, slim and easy to create a thick or thin line. The pigmentation of this is decent, but not the darkest one that I have tried. Can’t really do much of a review on this one as I haven’t seen how it lasts yet. But, this is definitely a close second to my favourite Maybelline felt tip liner already.

Hope you enjoyed this post & i’d love to know if you’ve tried using any of these products, comment below if you have and what you thought of them!

Steff x



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