Shopping.. More Makeup


So today I was in Boots AND Superdrug… and of course I picked up more products. I found a gorgeous nude shade from Maybelline, in their Colour Drama range. This was in the shade 630. It is a gorgeous brown-toned nude. I also repurchased the mascara, Big Eyes from Maybelline. I got this in B&M Bargains for £3.49. I will soon do a review of all the products that I bought, both today and yesterday. I repurchased the Maybelline Master Shape Brow Pencil in Soft Brown. I have previously liked this, just when I started to do my brows, so thought it was worth revisiting, after my successful purchase yesterday from L’oreal.

I picked up a blusher from W7 which costed me a big £1.49… Big? It had a really pigmented swatch in the shop, so I have high hopes for this one. I haven’t tried a new blusher in ages, so hopefully I won’t be disappointed!

I have previously purchased the Malibu Lip Care Balms. They have an SPF of 30 and are so creamy and hydrating on the lips. I have finished 2 of these and am on the last scrapings of the last 1. (This comes in a trio) I love how handy these are to just pop in a handbag and apply on-the-go. These 3 balms costed £1.49. Amazinnggg.

As I have been trying out brow pencils, when passing the Natural Collection stand I noticed they have released their own brow range. I picked up their pencil in Dark Brown. Not expecting much, but hopefully won’t be disappointed as I do like a lot of this brand’s products. This costed £1.99

Lastly, for my frazzled hair I picked up Argan Oil hair treatment. I will be using this on the ends of my hair to help repair my poor frizzy mane.  I got this for only £1.49.

Also, here is me wearing the 3 products mentioned in yesterday’s post. (Read here if interested) I wore this for my day out/date with my lovely boyfriend today.





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