Brows – Wow or no?


So I mentioned in a relatively recent post that I don’t get along with brow pencils.. So what did I do other than go out and buy 3 new ones? The last purchase I did that was a brow pencil was from MUA and I was hugely disappointed and turned off with the concept of brow pencils. It was horrible. Too pigmented, too waxy and horrible to apply. I had 2 other brow pencils which just sat at the bottom of my makeup collection, ignored and unloved. I would pick them out every now and then, but then again they would return to the unloved pile. I’d say brow pencils are difficult for me to use as I have naturally quite thick brows.

I just didn’t know how to work with them. It is so difficult when each product has a different consistency, thus meaning that they need a different application technique. Ah the science behind makeup.


But, on Sunday, when I picked up the L’oreal products, I decided to buy their Brow Artist Shaper pencil in 03 Brunette. I got this for £5.49. Honestly this is difficult to use. I want a brow pencil for on-the-go makeup. I want it to be quick and easy to use with good results. The formula of this is difficult for me to work with because the waxy product with high pigmentation makes it difficult to create a natural looking brow. It’s really difficult to achieve feathery brow-like strokes with this also. The wax end seems to set the hairs in place ok, but i’m not happy to use this when the finish of the colour is quite patchy. When you have the time to use this it can create a nice-ish look, but that’s not what i’d want a brow pencil for tbh tbh. Above is a picture of how the brows look after quickly applying this product to my brows. 


The Natural Collection Brow pencil in Dark Brown is my favourite. The cheapest too – typical. This is so so so easy to work with. I tend to have a bit of a heavy hand with my brows as it’s usually one of the last parts of my makeup, so i’m typically in a bit of a rush when applying it. This is so forgiving when it comes to a heavy hand. It has a dry formula which seems to adhere to the brow hairs perfectly. It is so easy to shape and fill in the brows with this pencil and the colour of this is an ashy light brown. Shame this only comes in two shades though. This doesn’t clump the brow hairs together and I am yet to get any of those gross ball-clumps of product in my brows. Another note is though that it comes with a good spooli at the end of the pencil, perfect; all-in-one pencil. Above is a picture of how the brows look after quickly applying this product to my brows. 


I’ve had the Makeup Revolution Arch & Shape pencil for a good while now. I liked it at the start, disliked it and then liked it again. It has a twist-up crayon at one end and a felt tip at the other. I like the concept of this being a twist-up product, but I have to say this is probably the worst out of the 5. It is soooo waxy. My brows clump together into a horrible brown smudge. The felt tip end on this is useless as it has no pigmentation. This costs £3.50. I’m not sure the shade I have this in as Revolution annoyingly don’t put the colour labelled on the product and the receipt for that is long gone. Yet another disappointment, M.R. Above is a picture of how the brows look after quickly applying this product to my brows. 


NYC have a Kohl Brow/Eyeliner pencil which I have in the shade, I assume Dark Brown. I got this for around £1.50. This has a weird dry texture with really high pigmentation. It comes out in streaks, no matter how lightly/heavily you lean. My brows go into serious clumps when using this and it’s just not too cute. I like the shade of this, but the product itself is disappointing. Also this is just a pencil with no brush on the end, nor on the lid. I honestly thing this is an essential kinda thing when it comes to brow pencils.


Maybelline Master Shape Brow Pencil in Brunette. I quite like this pencil. I like the brush which is at the end of it. The formula of this pencil is ok. It is quite waxy and also quite pigmented. I don’t find this is that bad when it comes to clumping though. This costs £2.99. The colour of this is kinda gingery, but that’s ok for my hair colour. An alright product for an alright price.

So to rank the Brow Pencils in order, from least to most favourite:

Makeup Revolution: Arch & Shape, NYC: Kohl Brow/Eyeliner, L’oreal: Brow Artist Shaper, Maybelline: Mastershape && Natural Collection: Brow Pencil.

So I hope you enjoyed this post. Do you have any favourite/hated brow pencils? Comment bellow!

Thanks for reading,

Love Steff x


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