Sleek Enchanted Forrest Lookbook & Opinions

I’ve been enjoying creating different looks with the Enchanted Forrest palette from Sleek. I think this is the perfect palette for Autumn as it has some gorgeous purples, greens and browns.

My favourite shades so far are  Beatrice, Fairy Godmother, Anastasia & Lady Tremaine.IMG_9236IMG_9238IMG_9240

Fairy Godmother is a beautiful highlight shade. I have put this in the centre of my eyelid to create contrast between the darker colours. I enjoy puting the Lady Tremaine shade on the outer corner of my eye to create a bold, smokey finish to any look. It is a gorgeous brown shade with a bronze shimmer. & Of course I have been using Beatrice and Anastasia in my crease along with a cool-toned brown/grey.

So here are some different looks I have created using this palette:

I’ll maybe do some ore look posts with this palette again in the future as it does create such a strong eye look.

Hope you enjoyed this post

Steff x



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