Quick Shaving Tip

Is it just me or is shaving the most dreaded part of showering? Like, in colder months I avoid it as much as possible – let’s be honest here, eh? It’s not even that it takes long, it’s just annoying… #LazyGirlProblems.

Anyway, this is a quick tip, not a rant. SO. Do you want the best shave you’ve ever had? The SOFTEST legs you’ve ever felt? Well, carry on reading as i’ve got a good tip for ya!

When you are shaving your legs, whether this be with shaving foam, shower gel or soap, you should start by shaving up towards your thigh. You can do this in either one long stroke – around your leg, obviously – or in shorter strokes, depending on the length of your leg hairs (no judging here). After you have done this, go back and shave again. But this time go from the knee towards your ankles.

This gets rid of any hairs that are growing in a different direction. Obviously this will take you almost double the time, but i’m telling you, you will feel the difference.

So, have you got any shaving tips? Did you already know about this one? Share your shaving secrets below!

Thanks for reading this,

Steff x



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