Makeup Tip for Oily Skin


So as this week I am focusing on SkinCare, I thought that I should talk about a technique that I found very useful back when my skin was very oily.

Those with oily skin will understand the struggles of not only keeping the foundation on all day, but applying it straight to the skin, without having to blot the oils off. WELL, I have the solution for a quick time saving method to achieve non-streaky foundation.

All you need to do, after moisturising -Please don’t skip this step, even if you have oily skin – is to apply a light dusting of powder on your face. This will absorb the oils on the face and create the best kind of base for your foundation. After this apply your foundation whichever way you prefer. I find that dabbing the product on with a beauty blender is easiest for me. Once this is complete, once again dust the face with a small amount of powder and tadaaa, your skin is looking b-e-a-utiful.

Of course you could go out and buy a primer to fix this problem, but why spend more money on this when you have the solution for this already in your makeup bag?

Hope you try this out & I hope this works as well with you as it does with me! Also I should mention here that this tip doesn’t only work for those with oily skin. You can use this on normal skin also. If you have dry skin I would apply an intense moisturiser before applying the powder, this would help create a smoother canvas for you to apply your makeup on.

Steff x



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