Quick Tip: Instantly Soft after the Shower

Ever get when you leave the shower and your legs are almost flaky from your shave? Not so much flaky, but the opposite of soft. Well, I have the solution to this! You don’t need to go out and buy some ridiculously over priced shaving foam, nor an intense body moisturiser that takes YEARS to sink into the skin. All you need is baby oil.

oil yo.jpg

I know what you’re thinking, ‘Baby Oil would surely take longer than moisturiser to sink in?’ That is right. Yes, baby oil would take ages to sink into your skin after you have dried off. My solution is, just after you have shaved in the shower, get your baby oil (whilst you are still in the shower), and rub it onto your legs. Do this in circular motion. Let this rest on your legs whilst you wash your hair, shave under your arms, wash your body, sing some Beyonce etc etc. Once you have finished with the rest of your shower routine, get out of the shower as normal. Get a lovely soft towel and dab/pat your legs with this. This will take off any excess oil.

I’m telling you, once you are all dry, you will have the softest legs in the world. I randomly did this about 2 or 3 months ago and was amazed at how genius it was. I would only have used baby oil at night time previously as it takes so damn long to sink in, but I would always be very happy with the results! I’d say this works (I am just guessing, I am no scientist) because you have just agitated the skin and opened up the pores in the warm shower, so your legs are dying of thirst and this oil quenches it perfectly. By keeping your legs moisturised after a shave it helps to reduce the chance of getting those awful ingrown hairs.

To get even softer results you can moisturise after this and i’m telling you, you will be stroking yo legs all day!

Hope you enjoyed this tip! I’d love to know if you have any soft skin secrets? Share below!

Steff x


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