S&G’s Hand Food: Review

I have had 2 or 3 tubes of this lovely hand cream over the past few years as they tend to be included in any kind of gift set. The small, travel sized one is perfect for the handbag as it isn’t too big and it closes securely, lessening the chance of an unfortunate explosion in the bag.

The best thing about this hand cream is the scent. It has the traditional S&G smell, which personally I like.

I’ve never had properly dry hands, so I ‘m not sure just how moisturising it truly is, but whenever I want that extra soft feeling I would reach for this.

Although this isn’t reached for overly often, I have to say that I do really enjoy using it.

It doesn’t have that greasy feeling that some creams leave your hands with, nor does it have that sticky residue.

I consider this more of a luxury product, simply because of the smell. This would probably be why I never seem to run out of it, as I use it mostly on a special occasion.

Lastly I should mention that a little goes a long way with this. Only a small squeeze of the tube gets out just enough product for lovely soft hands. A full sized tube of this costs only £4.80 and this would last a very long time. Definitely recommend.

I r8 this 7/8, 8 being great. – It would be 8 if I knew that it was a good moisturiser also, I know it is decent, just not sure if it would help properly flaky hands. If you have used this and found that it is good/bad for drier hands, please comment below.

So this is the last post in my skincare week, tomorrow onwards I will be talking about haircare!

Thanks for reading this little review,

Steff x


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