Going from Brunette to Blonde… to Brunette again

So my hair has been facing a lot of chemicals in the past 3-4 months. I went from dark brown to bleach blonde in the space of like… a week and then maintained this for 2-3 months and am now back to darker hair.

So, how did I do it? What products did I use? How did I look after my hair? There are so many questions I will be answering in this post, so sit back, get a cup of tea/coffee and enjoy!

I nipped into Superdrug after a coffee date with my lovely boyfriend and my eyes were hunting for a bleach that my friend had recommended to me. I selected what I thought the matching product was, but when I got home I found that it wasn’t – oh well.

I’ve bleached my hair before and it wasn’t a great experience. I was an elegant blinger (blonde ginger, really not an attractive look)  for about a while and then gave in and went brunette again. So I knew what to expect this time, but now I knew more about blonde hair and how to get the shade you want.


Unfortunately I wasn’t planning on doing this post when I first bleached my hair, so I don’t have the boxes of dye anymore. But, I will show you an online picture of the products used. So, when in Superdrug I picked up 2 of these Superdrug Performance Natural Ash Blonde bleaches.  – as seen above.

I followed the instructions provided on this bleach and was hugely disappointed after I did a strip test (when you get a part of your hair and test the bleach on it). There didn’t seem to be much/any colour change in this. So, I went with it anyway and put it on all of my hair, after the strip test, and then rinsed it out after the maximum recommended time.

Disaster, I was that horrible blinger again:


So, two days later, I used the second box of bleach. Again, disappointment, as seen above in the second 2 images.

Luckily my hair didn’t have the straw-like texture that bleached/damaged hair typically does though. I have my hair care routine to thank for that I guess.

Smart Blonde

I ordered a batch of 3 of the correct bleaches, the one my friend recommended. She had told me that she only needed to use one and her hair went to the right shade of blonde that she wanted – bleach blonde. Her hair was the same colour as mine-ish, so I expected the same results. This was the Smart Blonde Bleach, as seen in the picture above.

I know this product looks quite quite dodgy, but I can honestly say this works. It comes with the bleach and a toner for afterwards. After one use of this I was more of a yellow-ey blonde. I would just need to use a toner after this to get the colour wanted.

Before my delivery of the bleaches had arrived, I went to the local Savers to get a bottle of toner. It was here that I noticed they were selling the Smart Beauty bleach there also, so I picked one up. That day I used it and got the yellowey colour in my hair. Photos below:

I think I probably bleached my hair again after this, like maybe a week or two after. It was at this stage that it all wet downhill.

I put different colours in my hair: Purples, Reds, Blues etc. The one colour that ruins bleached hair is blue. If you don’t want you bleached hair to permanently – or so it would seem anyway, have a blue tint to it, then please don’t use any blue in your hair. I put a dash of blue in a section of my hair and after that it was impossible to get it out.

I had tried to start fresh by rebleaching my hair, in hopes that the blue would come out… Nope. All of my hair turned a slight blue tint. Ghhhhh. Anyway, I chose to ignore this and continued to tone my hair and whatnot. At times I liked the way it looked and other times I didn’t.

As a 19 year old, the last Summer before I go to uni, I wanted to get a Summer job to earn some money to make the most out of my Summer. I had applied for the job that I worked in last Summer, where the boss had even said they would want me back for Christmas/Summer. After my interview, I got no call back. I kinda blame my hair for that – not to seem petty or whatever, but yea. I guess the blue-tinted bleach blonde doesn’t scream professional. So, I then went on to try to dye my hair a more natural blonde shade.

I went to the brand, Nice’N’Easy for this. I bought 3 different dyes:

Natural Light Ash Blonde Permanent

Natural Extra Light Beige

Rich Dark Brown

The conditioner that comes with each of these is amazing. As I had 2 interviews within 3 days I decided it was time to start with going a more natural shade of blonde. So, I started by using the lighter of the two blondes on my hair. The Light Ash one. This did nothing to my hair.

Disappointed, I went and bought the brunette one and the other blonde one. I hadn’t planned on going back to brunette until I was going to leave for uni. I wanted to go a more natural blonde for the rest of the Summer.

When I used the other blonde shade it turned my hair a blue-grey. And, of course, the blue strip was still there. Ahhh disappointment. Seen Below:


That same day I decided to say ‘fuck it’ and just put the brunette on. I know you aren’t supposed to dye your hair with clean hair, but I couldn’t go to an interview with blue/gray hair.

It was weird to see my hair so dark again – and that’s what it was, dark. After a couple of washes it looks like a more me-colour. I’m happy with my hair again. Finally.

So Qs and As:

Does bleach ruin your hair?

No and yes. Your hair will inevitably be weaker each time you bleach. You’re stripping away its natural pigment. The cuticle keeps opening until it’s so open that nothing holds it together, the disappearing cuticle layer is just the first step until finally, the cortex becomes exposed, split ends appear, and hair breaks. Your hair will be much more brittle and thinner. If you use moisturising shampoos and deep conditioners every time you wash your hair, you will notice that the hair slowly feels stronger. I used coconut oil at night time to help it feel better. Also, wash your hair way less. Your natural oils are a miracle on the hair. Although your hair is technically much much weaker, you will be able to make it feel better/nicer/stronger over time.

Do you use toner & how often?

I did use toner. I bought one bottle and thought that it would be q easy to make my own. This can be done with conditioner and either purple hair dye or purple food dye. I have to admit that the food dye toner actually seemed to work better. My own toner left me with the best results also. I used it when I felt my hair was going to a shade that I didn’t like. -Should be used on brassy/yellow tones.

Will I go blonde again?

Not the blonde that I went, no. It was fun going a crazy colour, for over the summer. But, realistically, if I want to be a Primary School Teacher it isn’t very suitable. I may go a nice ashy blonde though as I did enjoy having blonde hair.

So I hope you enjoyed this post. Happy to answer any questions you might have, just comment them below. 🙂

Much love,

Steff x




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