Argan Oil – Review


So I bought some Argan Oil just over a week ago today. I got it in B&M bargains for £1.49. I’ve been trying this out since the purchase and i’ve got a few things to say about what it’s like, if it works, how it makes the hair look etc.


The Consistency of this is what it says on the tin, it’s an oil. Some products which are advertised to have Argan oil in them have more of a serum consistency but this, it would seem, is pure and simple Argan oil.

How much I use is only 2 or 3 squirts. I apply this mostly to the ends of my hair, then as there is less product in my palms I work it up to the roots. This seems to cover my hair nicely. The packaging itself recommended 4-5 pumps, but perhaps this is for much longer hair.

When do I use this/ when does it work best? I’ve tried using this on both wet and dry hair. As I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week now, I have used it more in dry hair than wet. I don’t honestly like how it leaves my hair looking/feeling when it is in dry hair. It leaves a heavy feeling with a greasy look. When I am applying my heat protection spray I then apply this. My hair dries with a nice glossy finish and it also doesn’t weight it down when applied this way.

What does this do? Well, when applied to wet hair I definitely feel that it helps fight a frizzy finish after blow drying it. I’m yet to try it when I let my hair dry naturally, so i’m not sure if it leaves a greasy finish when doing this – perhaps I will give an update in the future.

Will I continue to use this/ Do recommend this to you? I will use this after washing my hair, yes.I would recommend this to those with frizzy, thicker hair. I assume this would leave those with thinner/very short hair with a horrible, weighed down feeling.

So out of 8, 8 being gr8, I rate this 6/8.

So I hope this review was helpful & possibly entices you to purchase this product, if you feel it is right for you. Are there any hair oils/serums that you use? Comment below your favourites!

Steff x


2 thoughts on “Argan Oil – Review

  1. cocodolly20 says:

    I have this! I have very thin hair and like you said it left it very weighed down and oily. I didn’t want to waste it so instead used it as an overnight treatment on the end sand washed it off in the morning. It left my hair silky smooth and the smell is lovely

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