Update & Haircare

So, don’t know if you’ve noticed, I have been posting everyday for the past fortnight. This is crazy, for me anyway. I always mean to do daily posts, but never seem to find the time. But, it is now that I have the time. And I plan on doing a post everyday for 4 weeks/28 days. I’ve been getting incredible feedback from my readers & even some new readers, so I’m really pleased and am even more determined to keep going!

For the first 2 weeks I posted about all things makeup. So I have a PLAN! The first 2 weeks is makeup, this week is hair and next week will be body! I hope you enjoy these upcoming posts. 🙂

My Haircare Routine


So, just a short post today about what i’ve been using on my hair. It was early March that I bought TRESemme moisture rich shampoo and conditioner. I got these for like £2.20 each at Tesco. I was determined to use these 2 products every time I washed my hair. I’m the kind of person who has like 3 different shampoos in her bathroom and uses a different one each time, depending on what smell I want or whatever.

I was with my friend, Ciara, at the time also and I was going to just buy the shampoo. Ciara urged me to pick up the conditioner too, saying how she always uses conditioner. As I would typically use just whatever was in the house, and there wasn’t typically any conditioner, I didn’t think to pick it up. But, I did and it must be said that this duo has worked wonders on my hair. I will definitely continue to buy the matching conditioner when purchasing shampoos in the future!

I have used this and only this since March, only had to go and repurchase them now, 5 months later. It has kept my hair strong and healthy. The smell of this is just like the ones you get in hair salons. Reallyyyyy nice. The shampoo lathers really nicely and the conditioner sinks into the hair quickly. I leave the conditioner on my hair whilst washing my body and rinse it off at the end of the shower. I’d say it’s left in for 3-5 minutes. My hair always feels strong and smooth after a shower and does so for 2-3 days after until I wash it again.

The only 2 hair brands that I have found leave my hair feeling really good is TRESemme and Elvive Nutrigloss Luminiser. However, the Elvive one has been repackaged, so possibly reformulated as well, so it may not work on my hair anymore. Another point to consider is that Elvive you pay £3.99 for the shampoo and you only get 400ml. Whereas with TRESemme you pay £2.49 for 900ml. -You do the maths.

Although I like brands like Pantene, Herbal Essences and Aussie, I just don’t feel like it does much good for my hair. Yes they smell nice, but my hair just feels normal/brittle.

So what shampoos/conditioners do you like to use on your hair? Comment below, i’m interested to know what works for others!

Thanks for reading,

Steff x


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