Quick Haircare Tip

A really easy way to lessen the amount of heat you put on your hair is to shower at night. I’ve been doing this for yearssss – especially during the school months as it saves precious sleeping time in the morning.

After I shower at night time, I towel dry my hair, dry my body, moisturise and get into my jammies. I brush through my hair with the holy tangle teezer *see here* and then either put it in a loose bun or braid it. By doing this it gets it out of the way and also avoids friction between your head and the pillow, resulting possibly in split ends.

By the time it is morning your hair will be dry and you can then style it how you want. I tend to just leave it as my hair naturally dries curly. If you have straight hair and want natural-looking curls, I recommend leaving your hair in 2 braids over night.

A really simple, but game-changing tip when it comes to hair. I find that if I just leave my hair to air-dry, throughout the day, it tends to just go frizzy. But by having it in a bun/in braids it prevents this from happening!

Hope you try this one out and get just as good results as I do!

Much love,

Steff x


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