Quick Haircare Tip

So over the past few months I have been horrible to my hair. I’d almost say that I’m may hair’s worst enemy to be honest. If you’ve ready my recent post, about going from brunette to blonde back to brunette then you’ll understand to the extent that I mean when I say that my hair is dead. It is so frizzy and weak now. *sigh*.

So what tips I got for people who are in a similar situation or just want their hair to feel 10 times better? I have a few tips. My number 1 tip is, Stop washing it. No, I don’t mean completely. I mean those days when it is just you lounging about the house… don’t wash it. When you’re about day 3 of not washing and you’re starting to feel a bit gross… Put it in a pony tail/loose bun. And lastly the day when your hair has gotten really gross, put some oil in it, from root to tip. I recommend Coconut, Argan or Virgin Olive oil. Let this sit in your hair for a minimum of 10 minutes, any time after that is up to you; I personally tend to leave this in over night. I then wash it out with a moiturising shampoo or conditioned. I did a post about my favourite 2 recently, click *here* to read this.

After this just repeat the above steps. You will see your hair slowly start to look and feel better. The natural oils that your scalp produces is one of the best things for your hair.. and it’s completely free! Let your hair soak up these oils. Let it look a little gross.. for a little bit. It isn’t even noticable when in a loose bun anyway!

So I hope you found this post helpful and I hope you get good results, like I have, if you try this tip out!

Steff x


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